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  1. I fixed the problem and now chief is loading again. For the record it was the data file folder that was creating the problem. Over the last couple of days I uninstalled and reinstalled the program about 8 times trying to fix it. The last time I renamed the Chief Data folder so the install program created a new one and that did the trick.
  2. Thank you David. I think that's the way I will go. I'll try x4 in the new laptop and if that doesn't work, I'll upgrade to x14. Upgrading to x14 has many advantages other than just dealing with this immediate emergency, so it's all good. Thank you all for your help.
  3. my current laptop runs on windows 7 and I've had no problems with chief X4 until now. I am looking at buying a newer laptop to see if that solves the problem. Ideally the new laptop would also be able to run X14 in case I have to upgrade the software just to be able to move forward with my projects. Here are the specs of what I am looking at for a new gaming laptop: ASUS TUF Dash 15 15.6" Gaming Laptop - Grey (Intel Core i7-11370H/512GB SSD/16GB RAM/RTX 3060/Win11)
  4. Thank you David and Ryan for your replies. I will get a new laptop and see if that works. Hopefully I don't get locked out of the program because I was not able to sign off on the other one. I havent had to use chief in another computer for a few years and I don't remember how that process works or how the alternative key number works. David, thanks for that suggestion. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times but the program still fails to load. As Ryan suggest it might be an operating system problem but why would it only affect the one program?
  5. Just today the program refuses to load. The chief window opens up and the loading icon starts rotating and just keeps rotating but the program never loads. Eventually I open the task manager which reports the program as "not responding". Under problem details it reads AppHangB1. I've uninstalled and reinstalled chief several times but the problem persists in the exact same way. all other programs operate fine so it's not the laptop. If I try loading the program in another laptop it might lock me out as I was not able to sign off on the current laptop. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to try? Thanks in advance. Cristian Chief Architect Premier X4 build x64
  6. Thank you Dermont. I think I did something similar in a less efficient way. I uninstalled the program using the windows uninstall program and then I moved all the chief folders onto another folder. After that I did a clean install and all the default toolbars came back. I'll try your suggestion next time. Cristian
  7. I have now tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chief, plus rebooting the computer. The toolbars are still missing when I open any plan and I still get the "no backup file" error message when I try to reset the toolbars. Does this mean that re-installing is not a complete clean install, in spite of having uninstalled the program first?
  8. I've lost all my toolbars or the ability to reset them. I am working on X4. I look through the Chief Data folder and the toolbar file is there but somehow it's not able to reset the toolbars. Does anybody have any suggestions to fix this? Thanks in advance. Cristian Chief Architect Premier X4 build x64
  9. Thank You Richard! I'll have to update my setup to get the manufacturers catalogs.
  10. Hi folks I am looking for connectors in X4. I am pretty sure I have used them in the past but at the moment can't seem to find them anywhere. I managed to locate an anchor bolt using the search but it doesn't tell me where the general folder might be or where i can find other connectors. Is it possible the folder got deleted? or that I imagined Chief library came with connectors but it's never had them.?
  11. Here is the image. The "advanced uploader" works
  12. Thanks. I did try that but it rejected the images. I'll try reducing the file size
  13. Hi All Does anyone know what could be causing this effect? It seems to only affect one plan. when I open the blocks the dialog displays correctly. The blocks also show up in 3d views. Any suggestions? Also I can't seem to attach a picture of the problem. I haven't been on this forum for a long time and everything looks different. The blocks all show as a rectangle with a diamond pattern inside. Cristian