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  1. Is there a simple way to undo this style pallet or shall it only be used on a test file? I would like to revert back to normal defaults. thanks in advance Doug
  2. Big thanks just needed to figure out this origin tool. I love this tool and have used it in rendering many as-builts and this is the first time my plans did not line up. Sincerely Doug
  3. In my studies, I have read a couple of documents as well as watched videos to correct this situation. I change the reference display to show a different plan and the (referenced display) is not on the same axis (x,y,z). At first, I didn't think it was working and then zoomed out and..., way up and to the left, there it is. If memory serves me, this is set at the beginning of the plan, I have been searching around and can't find the information to guide me through this change. In advance thank you for your time in replying. (I know, I hate dumb questions) maybe I am not using the correct lingo (in the search tabs) to find the articles again. Again thank you
  4. I have been asked to draw up 100 simple cabin designs for a client's web page. (10 different designs/ 10 Different sizes) Basically, he wants to state his specifications, shows a general rendering, and price each model and size allowing for the add-on of various things such as decks, wood stove installation, dormers, shed vs gable... and so on. I was wondering if the Plan Database under tools is where I would start or go to compile and organize (i am thinking 5 cabin styles and 5 different sizes), and then expand once I have the details covered. He only wanted one rendering per plan... so I was going to take the largest of each model and complete the design for the rendering. however, I am struggling with doing "just the footprint",  that's what the web page needs. Is there a better way to do this?

    My experience is that the base models will be custom tailored by the clients to their liking with the add-on features. upgrade or change they want. (that is where I was hoping to make money on this one.)  I was hoping to blast out some plans. My struggle is "What is the minimum necessary to convey the design. 

    I have attached my client's competition's web page as a sample and hope that chief can blow that out of the water. Any comments tips or suggestions will be appreciated. Sincerely Doug


    Specification page.PNG

    CD-2 768-1728.PNG

  5. is there a preferred model or does it matter Laptop vs desktop? I have outgrown my laptop, x12 crashing and I am experiencing a lot of lag...
  6. Using X12 and I have been experiencing lag and crashed, I don't know if I can add memory... I am using a laptop bought before I chose to go fulltime Chief Architect, and I need more power. I can't take the lag and crashes. Should I buy another laptop or get a tower.I have 2 of the large curved screen monitors already and I have about $800 saved.... Any suggestions?


  7. Has anyone used the bosch laser tape measure with the chief architect? I am curious about which laser tape will integrate smoothest with the chief architect X11 software. Thanks in advance Doug Boitz.