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  1. Dougak

    Buying a new computer

    is there a preferred model or does it matter Laptop vs desktop? I have outgrown my laptop, x12 crashing and I am experiencing a lot of lag...
  2. Using X12 and I have been experiencing lag and crashed, I don't know if I can add memory... I am using a laptop bought before I chose to go fulltime Chief Architect, and I need more power. I can't take the lag and crashes. Should I buy another laptop or get a tower.I have 2 of the large curved screen monitors already and I have about $800 saved.... Any suggestions?


  3. Dougak

    Laser Tape Measure

    Has anyone used the bosch laser tape measure with the chief architect? I am curious about which laser tape will integrate smoothest with the chief architect X11 software. Thanks in advance Doug Boitz.