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  1. mdarch47

    Schedule Row Heights

    Thank you Eric & Dermot!
  2. mdarch47

    Schedule Row Heights

    Would like to be able to adjust individual row heights of this electrical schedule from an X12 Plan file. It appears that it has taken the worst case size of the largest symbol and applied to all rows which expands the entire schedule height unnecessarily. Have searched around but have not seen any way to adjust individual row heights. Maybe it is not possible at this time but any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. mdarch47

    PBR Render issues

    Thanks for the suggestions. Seems that turning the Sun intensity way down sort of fixed the issue although if you look carefully the material still appears inconsistent. I did report to Chief but have not heard any reply as of yet.
  4. mdarch47

    PBR Render issues

    Is anyone else having this issue with PBR renders? My trusses in the rendering are all the same material yet some of the truss members, and other trim pieces, have been rendering as if they are illuminated. See attached screen shot of a rendered image. I have adjusted lighting, sunlight, etc. with no success. Also attached the Chief X-11 file for reference. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. 1911-PREL02 -
  5. mdarch47

    Simple Room Information Label

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Still cannot get this to work after following suggestion above. It may be because I am trying to use a simple rich text box for a supplemental room label and I don't think a user defined macro will work in that case. Honestly don't know enough about these things. I will read up some more. If I am unable to figure it out I will contact one of the experts as suggested. Thanks again.
  6. mdarch47

    Simple Room Information Label

    I apologize because I know this topic has been covered many times but I can't seem to find exactly the help I need from previous posts. I have created a simple room information label but wanted to modify it slightly. See attached. Want ceiling height to read in feet and inches and want to round the room volume to nearest whole number. A related matter is when I go in the text box and try to insert a user defined macro they are all grayed out. I was attempting to copy and modify the volume macro to round out, but could not insert the modified version.... Not sure why that is. If someone can point me in the right direction and or provide any assistance, that is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mike Dolce, Architect Chief V-X10 Morrow-EC_-_Copy.plan Morrow-Sample-Plan.pdf
  7. mdarch47

    Bay Window issue

    Looking for help with bay window settings. See attached X10 existing conditions plan and marked up .jpg render. I am getting some odd behavior with the bay window angled side walls extending below the window seat. These are inserted bay windows and I have played around with all of the settings but must be missing something. I will probably just redraw these as a small room but wondered if it was something simple I am missing. Thanks for any guidance. Mike Dolce, Architect 1808EX_-_Copy.plan
  8. I struggle with this issue often in V9 & 10 also. I turn off the auto position buttons and it seems to have no impact on the behavior. Other issues I have with leader lines is they move when I move an unrelated nearby object or worse get deleted when I delete a nearby object.....they must associate with inadvertently. I also have issues creating multiple leg leader lines....half of the time it just creates 2 leader lines instead of one continuous line. Sorry to turn this post into a mini rant on leader lines. Any enlightenment on this minor issue is greatly appreciated.
  9. I am an Architect (Lic. in MD & NY) working on a deck addition for a waterfront property in Mashpee, Massachusetts. The project is for a relative of mine. The AHJ has told me I would need to have MA seal and signature on the drawings. I am seeking to collaborate with a MA licensed design professional. I could provide completed CDs for review and comment or would be open to however the local design professional would be comfortable working together. See attached preliminary design scheme. If interested please contact me. Thank you, Michael Dolce, Architect 1609-PREL-01-092816 - Copy.pdf
  10. Wondering if anyone with experience storing their Library folders in a Cloud format can share some insight. Planning to upgrade to X10 soon and believe that would be the way to go. I run Chief from multiple locations, home office PC, Laptop and a second license with a remote helper. Ideally I would be able to access the same Library files and only have to update a single location. I have a OneDrive account with plenty of Cloud storage space. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  11. Just seeing this post today. I am an Architect and Chief User in Harford County, MD. It would be great to connect with some local Chief users. Please keep me in the loop. Mike Dolce, Architect
  12. mdarch47

    Simple Dormer Help Needed

    Thanks Eric. Still had to fuss with it a bit but that did the trick.
  13. mdarch47

    Simple Dormer Help Needed

    I am having some trouble getting these simple dormers to look right from the interior. The dormers have a lower ceiling height than the main spaces which I think may be part of the issue. Also I don't believe the roof hole is done correctly and seems to have a mind of its own. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I perused various videos and help topics but did not come across the specific condition when the dormer has a lower ceiling height. Thank you, Mike Dolce, Architect
  14. mdarch47

    commercial doors

    I am having trouble trying to create a standard hollow metal door and frame for a small commercial project I am working on. See attached details that show the conditions I was going for. My basic conditions are an existing frame centered in a CMU wall and the same frame where I will later add some wall furring. I thought I could just make a solid door and size the frame to a 2" x 5.5" rectangle and omit any interior or exterior casings but that doesn't seem to work. I could add the door stops on later if necessary but I couldn't even get the frames to come in by themselves. This seems like it should be simple to achieve. I have experimented in the attached Chief file. Any advice is greatly appreciated. PS. again commercial project related next question is going to be how to create a dropped grid ceiling that I can exactly adjust the grid size and location in each individual room. 1615EX - Copy.plan MaxAdvantage-PREL-DoorJambs.pdf
  15. mdarch47

    Terrain Items not showing in rendered views

    Thanks for the help. Just figured it out....its always something simple. I had auto build terrain turned off. Once I rebuilt the terrain all of the terrain items showed up. Thanks again. Mike Dolce