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  1. Library Brower just disappeared ? Need some help. Cannot get the library browser to reappear? Any suggestions? AJ PE http://alanjamesengineer.com/
  2. Am a Florida PE. Let me know if I be helpful. Aj PE
  3. Am looking for help on a unique project. This person would need to be talented at Chief Architect. Please send me emails. ( AJRare64@gmail.com ) The attached flower to be approx 10,000 sf and symmetrical. I need somebody to interact with, someone who will create the file where I can play around with in 3D. It's not that daunting, AJ PE
  4. Recently switched over to new computer, and have an issue I need help with. Am struggling in turning off and turning on electrical on plans. I sent to layout separately, and when I go in the turn off or turn on electrical, it turns on/off all electrical on all views, even though they were sent to layout separately. This is a new issue that I did not have prior to installing onto a new computer here, and am struggling to figure out what has changed here? Any input if appreciated. AJ PE
  5. Professional Engineer in Florida, Colorado, & Missouri. Can assist with building drawings for construction and permitting that need to be Engineer signed and sealed. Have extensive long time experience. We use Chief Architect as our main computer program to generate drawings, and we often collaborate with all involved. Feel free to contact me at 941 321 3175, and AJRare64@gmail.com. AJ PE
  6. That was the solution.  Thanks Mate.  AJ PE

  7. That was the solution. Reset options, reset toolbars. Thanks Mate. AJ PE
  8. Toolbars vanished from working screen? How do I restore toolbars to where I see them on screen?
  9. How best to draw this is Chief? Have attached picture.
  10. Is there a way to build a 3rd floor atop the 2nd floor, and simultaneously copy the entire plan, i.e. cabinets , windows, wall layouts? Have building where 2nd and 3rd floor and exactly the same.
  11. What am I doing incorrectly? Want a cable rail. Cables appear to run perpendicular to what is needed. The attached third pic is similar to end result needed.
  12. How do you best get the cable rail look? Have attached deck railings, and for whatever reason the rail seems to be perpendicular to what I want. Please help, and thank you.
  13. Have attached 2 pics. After sending Cross Elevation to Layout. 1st time to layout received color view. 2nd time sent to layout, & afterwards only receive “cad “ view. If want to use color view only, how best do that?
  14. Have been asked for a fixed price to generate shop drawings for a steel stairs in an existing commerical buildling. See attached pic. How much would you charge? what is the going rate for your business in your area?