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  1. ok guys, the anishal comment to this post was the renewal of the SSA. so from what i understand from the above,- the price rises after a 30 day period. this doesn't seem like CA is interested in keeping its clients happen or even encouraging clients to stay or even encouraging new clients in this vast marketing scope of today. what is happening? and Perry. no disrespect mate. have a good one in your direction. and have a great day /evening all
  2. yes that is fine Perry, and there is nothing wrong with that, but i think that you are more of an interior or house remodeling type of designer. so what CA at its present status has done is totally fine for you, but please try to get my point. Chief Architect, means an architect of supperiorarity, meaning a building structure of an important size not an interior designer. now please all viewers, i'm not saying that there is any inferior insinuation of what i have stated, it's just a statement of fact. i respect all designers no matter what they do, as long as it is done with quality and function. but as CA states that it is an architectural software. i feel it should help more on the architectural side.
  3. yes Perry, CA has some interesting things in X10. but again, for interiors. what about the architects? and Lew, i use the hardware locks. a case of practicality. is this another downgrade for CA?
  4. why is it that CA stays focusing on interiors which it is good at, but- CA - Chief Architect is not Chief Interiors or maybe CA should change its name to CI. so sadly. CA is not helping us architects to stay inline with the future designs that are required in today's demands. the forum is here to seek out question and answers to upgrade and help others. sadly again important upgrades for architects are not or have not be recognized over these last years. (what a big shame). this means that sales for CA software is limited which is not helping CA to advance. lagging behind in what architects want, is a limitation to this software. architects need to design any type of shape or structure today and using conventional brick and cement or wood frame structures are quickly disappearing in today's construction methods. 3D machines are here as one example of today's changes. will CA change to help architects go forward?
  5. yes prices seem to have change. myself, i have not renewed my SSA and have not upgraded to CA X10 for the reason that i feel that CA has not upgraded to today's architectural needs. and is lagging behind in what architects want. CA stays focusing on interiors which it is good at, but- CA - Chief Architect is not Chief Interiors or maybe CA should change its name to CI. so sadly. CA is not helping us architects to stay inline with the future designs that are required in today's demands.
  6. Archnot-Bolts, you have pointed out a very reasonable fact, that hardware locks could be upgraded. i like your idea, but i'm wondering if CA can get around this. it seems for the moment that CA is stagnating even on this CA X10. just some small advancement on cabinets does not really upgrade this software. i do not see even one major futuristic change of this architectural software that could help architects advance to future needs. maybe the brain isn't there for future development.
  7. so a lot of replies have come down with this hardware lock business. people like both sides of this ordeal. all depends and the person requirements. buying a hardware lock (which is not cheap), is also added revenue to help the CA's finances. digitally lock for desk tops is totally fine, but being on the move the dongle is the answer for the moment, until CA could come up with another solution. but saying that, i personally feel that CA is dragging behind in what today's and future needs require. most of you know what i have been suggesting now for some years back to try and give the idea of Chief being a leader of something. but sadly it is lacking many of today's requirements, even seeing CA X10 presentation video's. CA at present is just concerning itself with interior home design, and not looking at today's architects or the future of architecture. i hope that this will change soon, if not for me but for future architects. have a good day/evening all.
  8. Lew, i agree with your hard ware lock comment. i prefer the freedom of moving from my PC to laptop without the complications
  9. thanks Marc. that works fine. CA are saying that if you just copy the direct link from your CA Account - Manage Your 360° Panoramas and paste to FB, that works. which actually sounds great and simple but it is a false statement. thanks again mate
  10. so guys, did anyone find the solution to paste onto FB? and if so how did you do it?
  11. hi and sorry Buz, i have been away from it as other things have taken priority. i will have to return down that line later but will have to see how CA X9 will deal with it. though i do not have to-many expectation. is your project being done with CA X 9?
  12. good mate, glad you found a solution. i have a video that goes around the building and then up stairs, but once at the top of the stairs, i used a second walk-through and so on to get to the 3/4/5 floors, i would post the video but it is 3.1 GB. if CA could tell me how to present this video, then it could be interesting for others to see. good mate, keep going, and have fun.
  13. so Joe, are you talking about the Toolbar/ Toolbar Customization / Toolbar / Edit Modes?
  14. well guy's I've gone past retirement age, but still going just because i can, and looking for the interesting things. you get board if you do nothing at retirement.
  15. (Future decline in demand for designers/drafts persons?) - so guys I'm back. 1969 i designed my first site of houses and bungalows, in the southwest of England UK. computers/ calculators digital measuring equipment and mobile phones did not exist. i drew my plans directly onto a transparent sheet and then went to my local print shop. but if i had to change something. it could be complicated. but now saying that.- it has been like that since the last 12 thousand years from building the Sphinx in Egypt and even before 35/40 thousand years back to man's first mass production of agriculture, where someone had drawn something on something or someplace like the floor to acquire an idea to pass on to be seen for others to understand. someone had to get an idea across to someone else, which has never changed. today the tools have changed but the concept still has to be shown somehow to help build whatever. idea's are changing, the methods in which to go about somethings are changing, but some sort of data someplace, will always be. today building are being built with 3D printing machines which eliminate builders as such. (which is another topic) but these 3D print machines need a schematic or plan information to function. if you are a licensed something or other. it is because you have passed a period of time on how to do something and should be better equipped to deal with any problem that could arise. now saying that. it could mean that more time at something should be more experiences at what ever. but in our so rapidly changing world we live in. younger persons pic up new technology easily as that is what they are going up with. but in everything that is changing today, a plan is still need. I'm glad I'm an architect. make some good plans guys
  16. i have been using Chief since 7. and i do like it, and have seen lots of changes and advancements. thanks guys, but always keep in mind that there is a lot of room to advance more and keep up with the future requirements. best to all.
  17. our hardware lock price should be part of our upgrade. (CA?)
  18. so Chopsaw. i played your video clip and it is fine going up the stairway but yes it deos not go down. so i added an extra to the end of the video to continue down but there do not want to join. so yes, it seems like there is a problem going back down after going up
  19. yes Glenn, i was correct in my measurements, and the simple way did not work as i had to do other things. any way mate. its done with a playing around process, but maybe CA could upgrade this mission to a simpler method. on to something else now. another job. thanks for your help mate. have fun
  20. ok guys, got it working but with lots of trail and error and playing around, which i think CA could make easier for us. so, what i did to accomplish this deal was a combination of things, 1; p- solid 10mm thick, place on the floor layout plan. (in a separate new plan) and adding the material texture. 2; projected the perspective full overview and created a symbol from the said. add to library. 3; back to the project in question, import the symbol to the floor layout plan, and rotate my desired 166.12*. 4; open the perspective full overview, and check out. (still not correct) 5; what i did but didn't understand why it was so. I rotate again the symbol 180* so that the image stood corrected, the perspective full overview. attachment of the said, as you guys can imagine, and some of you have played around this with me. i played around with many different directions, with your help and the combination of. i finally got this together. but it took up a lot of time, which was totally unnecessary. but i can not remember exactly what i did before last year, but it wasn't that complicated. (X7) thanks for the video Glenn, could only see half of it, but it was interesting. CA please put out a tutorial video of this on our online & Mobile Training Videos. for CA user to Understand, and thanks Curt for you input. thanks to Michael and Chopsaw for you help. much appreciated guys. my conclusion is that there is an issue with this in CA which should be arranged better. ( not sure if something has change from X7 to X8 with this problem) thanks again all. have a great weekend
  21. Glenn, 1st attachment shows the building in the correct position, on the yellow plot, which is a topographic jpg picture. the 2nd attachment shows 2 pictures. of which the top picture is a top view in a Perspective Full Overview. which comes from the floor plan layout. this floor plan layout has this image at an angle of 0/90*, but still looks correct in this Perspective Full Overview. now, the bottom picture shows the same image place at an angle of (166.12°) in the floor plan layout,- but as seen in this Perspective Full Overview, the topographic jpg picture has not turned with the said angle, but as stayed at the 0/90* angle of the floor plan layout, which has left the view incorrect of which i have called (a distorted image) hope its clearer mate.
  22. ok guys, 2 pics attached 1st. pic of the correct building placement on the plot (this is a jpg pic in the plan layout) 2nd. pic of two images, (a- top) the correct image at 0/90* in the layout plan and shown in the 3D view. (this is ok) (b- bottom image of the angled (166.12°) distorted image of the layout plan and shown in 3D (not ok) any idea guy's ?
  23. yes Michael, have kept it on a flat surface at a 0/90* angle, then when i rotated it, the distortion comes in
  24. thanks guys. have gone down the path you said Glenn, it works but is distorted when i orbit the view. not sure if i went down that way before but it does jog my memory, though, i didn't have the distortion problem before. will check out the video Curt. thanks again guys. have a good what ever your side
  25. thanks Michael, but can not get my jpg pic to show on any of these direction. please check out attachment of what i did before last year sometime, but have forgotten how i did it, and a pic of a CA presentation.