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  1. hi guys, please jog my memory on how to see my topographic or jpg pic image under my 3D view. have done it twice but can't get it together again. but I'm interested in any other ideas that can come out of this thanks guys
  2. hi guy's. just some suggested website that you might find interesting. you can sign up free and get regular info every couple of days that you could copy to an interesting fold doc for your own inspiration. (but guys, only copy what you might find interesting, otherwise, you could end up with lots that you don't need) - Interior Design & Architecture Magazine Dornob | Design Ideas Daily designboom Houzz DesignRulz attached pic of a museum opening in London next month posted in (designboom) have a great what-ever all.
  3. anyone having a problem to download the CA X8 update?
  4. yes SRCDesigns, nice idea, and shouldn't be difficult to work out.
  5. so graham, i think that this issue of quote, the (need to operate Chief simultaneous for short periods they allow for this even if you only have a single user license.) sounds good so could you enlighten us on how to go about this situation please. thks mate
  6. strange non licensed persons can place plans into the authorities in this period of time, and even stranger is that it seems to be in the US (or maybe not so strange thinking about it further.) BS (British Standards) seem to be world wide, and licensed Architect/Draftsmen and Engineers must submit signed plans to the authorities for approval. yes mate, your pricing doesn't sound correct, but many factors have to be considered. of which i would agree with Michael from Alaska, i have attached some PDF docs for all to check out, which might be of some interest or help to you guys. and please forward to others who may be up and coming into the profession. have a great weekend all. and guys have fun up in the mountains. sounds to cold for me though THE FUTURE FOR ARCHITECTS.PDF Architectural Priceing.pdf
  7. yes Rod, i was thinking that what we need is to produce a hologram or physical model that all can see, around a table or whatever for example. the idea is for us to get across our presentations clean smoothly and to capture an interest and should be mobile on top of that. thanks for you info and thoughts mate, great for us to get that Richard, sounds like we are interested on your follow up on that, please keep us up to date mate, great and thanks. Larry, thanks for info. great your thinking on how to go forward, much appreciated. we are interested in how you going to get about this, and for us all to see. Microsoft Hololens (head gear) functioning is being push at the moment, problem with that is that only one person can play/experiment/ view at a time. not sure how good it would be for us to present our presentations though, but we are all ears and eyes to finding out how we can work this deal great guys, love it. keep coming. lets make a great future
  8. so Larry, what sort of size is it and can you put any image from your pc on at any time? is it visual from a head set? or can it be seen by many people as the same time? and hippy from the 60's, yep
  9. is there anybody.... out there listing to my stor...y ok guys, you had to off been a hippy from the 60's to get that one. so what i would like to know is there anyone out there presenting their work with either;- 1- a holographic plate (holograms) 2- 3D printed models
  10. so guys. i'm throwing 20 ideas in the Suggestion Forum. some have been posted last year, and some are new. go check out guys
  11. hi guys, was there something set up for CA X8 Ideas. (wish list) i thought i saw something someplace started. i'm coming with some already asked request and some new request. stay informed guys.
  12. interesting. have you made the hull walls?
  13. thanks for info guys. i'm new to this holographic deal, so i'm check things out on line first. but i want to see it physically before i buy what ever, but i want something soon for presentations. Dubai is close to me and cheaper than most places. Singapore also not so far from me. but i have i connection with Europe and go there quite often, so these are my options of where to look and were to buy. has anyone else used holographic boards for presentation? has anyone else used 3D printers for presentation? my SSA license is due next month and i'm wondering if it is worth renewing or not. i like CA, but they are not coming through with what i think are the important issues.
  14. ok mate, but i'm still looking into the idea, and will do something in the weeks coming. i might go to Europe and go to a company dealing with it, and see how its done, (that a new deal for me) will keep you guys posted. have fun
  15. ok guys, jon, the only thing i had to do with the sign was to un-block it, then it got rid of the problem. found another problem which i took out, and now have got my 3Ds for a holographic model. now whats interesting is that i imported my 3Ds project into CA X6 (on test) of which i didn't realize before. (CA X7 to CA X6) and works great guys, though it is a symbol form and i can't change anything, but great for other model ideas. we have learnt something guys. have a great evening my side of the world and a great day on the west side of the world .have fun
  16. you could also try a Wacom companion 2 is out. more expensive but quality. depends on what quality and versatility you want.
  17. the site above looks ok, but if your doing work in that line, every company has their own criteria of which you would have to smooth-en out in your new building layouts and work your expert-ease in existing building layouts.
  18. yes guys i have unblock the signs and it seems to pass but there are other things that seem to be blocking now
  19. jon, this SBC sign is note a symbol. its just plain 3D text from the CA library pic attached. but yes you are correct when saying that the software is telling me what the offending object/symbol is--"SBC Entran". cheers mate
  20. thanks mate, always good a memory jog. have a great day/night
  21. so guys, at one time we could open a perspective floor view without seeing the floor below. i don't seem to find this situation now. can someone jog my memory on how to get a single floor only, and not the floors below, or has this been eliminated on upgrades
  22. no jon, that's just plain CA 3D text, with not a lot of size to it. i have a building that has about 70 desk furniture symbol block and other things. the thing here is that we are limited in size to do what we want. our limits need to be upgraded.
  23. yes mark. i have a complex full of desks and things over 23 thousand+ sq m there are lots of symbols. would be good if CA could give us some direction of how to pin point things better