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  1. I've had the T-120 since it first came out. Click to print is fast. Pages out in under a minute each. I would get the stand if I did it over again. Also use SuperB 13x19 in the upright for draft printing to save cost. I print SuperB at 50% which gives me a scale of 1/2" = 1' vs printing to scale which is usually 1/4" = 1' on ArchD. Houston doesn't like colored drawings as they dont scan well and they scan every page submitted. So I print anything black and white.
  2. Thank everyone for the tips. Michael, option 1 was the work around I was looking for. Many thanks. I've been avoiding this question for years and its always annoyed me. Thanks again. -Tim
  3. Open Layers and change the color there.
  4. I assume there is a tool setting where I can tell the Break Wall tool not too snap to the middle of a wall intersection if I get too close. For example, I have a four foot wall corner to corner and I want to Break Wall 6" from either side to show this as a 3' doorway I'm closing in. My current setup the Break Wall snaps to the corners. I saw in a search to look for "Edit Wall Layer Intersections tool" but I cant find that. Thanks, Tim
  5. It's easy to make money with Chief. You can offer services from simple design ideas for homeowners or complete design remodels for contractors to obtain permits. One can easily make $50-70K a year as a side hustle without trying. Much more if you live and breathe Chief.
  6. I wanted to leave a thank you and express my gratitude to everyone that works at Chief Architect for creating, maintaining and continuously upgrading this amazing software. I have used Chief Architect almost everyday for 17 years. I can say without any uncertainty that Chief Architect has been an attributing factor to my company's success. I look forward to another 17 years or more using this terrific software. For me, Chief has always been fun to use, never has it felt like work. Also a big shout out to all the Chief Talk users. Your friendship and helpfulness thought out the years has been a blessing. I always know if I have an issue, I can search here to find the answer or make a post and one of you with have an answer for me in a matter of minutes. Many many thanks! (I didn't know where to post this so feel free to move into the correct section) All the best, Tim Lassiter www.houstonremodeling.com
  7. To be clear, SSA is for technical support for bugs and software issues, not for help using the software's features.
  8. I went light and portable route with a surface pro then a lenovo yogo 2 pro and ended up with a MacBook Pro 15 running chief. The surface resolution is tiny but ran chief well. The yago 2 had much better resolution but I despised windows 8 and ended up with a MacBook Pro 15. I'm very happy with the mac running chief on the retina display. To answer your question, the surface pro is a nice unit. It's still a laptop and too big as a tablet and too small as a PC so that was another deciding factor for me to go to a larger screen while staying thin and light. I found the touch screen gimmicking.
  9. Let's start this over. I have no color (black) when I select the reference floor display child in plan view. The layer displays in black. Layerset as posted shows RED. If I leave the display reference on and send to layout I see the red. I DONT see the red in plan view. Thanks
  10. Negative. Issue is still here. http://screencast.com/t/tLOEhdk1jUJy
  11. Thanks, Layers was the first thing I checked, not my issue. All reference displays are set to default red. This appears to be an issue moving my files from Mac to PC.
  12. My Reference Floor Display color is black. How do I change it back to RED?