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  1. Joe, heads up about the roll up door, just put on your request

  2. I think this is what you are after. Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! George Roll_Up_Garage_Door.calibz
  3. I have been using Chief for 13 yrs. Interested in your project, I have references if you need from other contractors doing the same as you are. My jobs are supplied by word of mouth, not the Web. Looking forward to speaking with you and providing any backup data you may need. Thanks for the consideration. George Jones cell: 843-816-7900
  4. Interested, moved to Decatur for Chattanooga, 12 years with Chief Architect, still doing work in Tennessee, references are available from contractors and individuals. Appreciate the consideration. George Jones cell: 843-816-7900 land: 217-767-1002
  5. I did this one time as I had found the instructions on how to build the symbol from existing plan and then make a symbol and import on a site plan with the other homes. The problem, I have slept since then and forgot where the instructions are or the accurate description of what I am trying to do. In short, cannot find again. Does anyone know where or the Number of the paper to find again??? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Is there a way to change name of layout and linked plan at same time? I know that I can relink, but was hoping to avoid this, suggestions welcome
  7. Good morning, just noticed your note in Chief Arch -Seeking Services. I am in Tennessee and this is down my ally, I have 5 contractors now and need another since one has been with me for nine years, and he is about full of spec homes. Feel free to contact me, prices are reasonable, and work I consider timely. Normally, tell the customer when we are starting and give a time line, it works. No, I do not have a web site (did and pulled it) better customers thru word of mouth. Cell: 843-816-7900 Land: 423-910-0066. Give me a call and we can discuss
  8. Glad you did, opens up new in site as what one can do, Thanks a lot George
  9. Also would be interested as it is coming here for the higher end homes. Glad you have started the work already. Thanks
  10. thanks, was afraid of that
  11. first time i have tried, can we import, convert Revit files to use in Chief???? Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks Robert, need for a coming job
  13. Since in Tennessee we use a lot of cultured stone, I found these details which help for knowledge and ease to add to a drawing.
  14. thanks for the help!!!!! when i get the plan done, can go fishing, except for the rain thanks again