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  1. Hi, we were looking for someone local to the Champaign area. I have passed along all the information to our HR department and they will be in contact. Here is an updated description. Darcy Bean Custom Construction Inc. is a detail oriented, custom construction residential General Contractor with a "boutique"mindset currently accepting resumes for the position of Architectural Designer. This position’s primary responsibilities include working with contractors and clients to develop design-build drawings, 3D models and renderings, presentations and construction documents and drawings. Thank you for all the interest. Please if you are interested, we are still actively seeking a good fit and looking at options.
  2. This is a Design-build construction company seeking a Architectural Designer in the Champaign, Illinois area that works with Chief Architect. Candidates must be able to create 3D models, renderings and client presentations. We currently use the chief architect software primarily and our current designer is leaving us. We would like to get someone in from the chief architect community. If there are any references and direction of how to reach someone with Chief architect training. Please let us know.
  3. I'm looking to see if anyone has some tips on how to reduce raytrace and rendering time. I work mostly with remodels and at times it's an entire house project and creating the renderings can start to take 30-45+ for 10 passes with lights and mirrors and reflections on windows. I have thought about upgrading my computer. What processor seem to work the best for reducing the time for running raytracing? Or, is anyone running it on a server with multi core Xeon that has significant reductions in ray trace time? Thanks
  4. Athenian CAD- you may be on to something.... the line wieght button does effect the appearance. It seems to appear only in the section view set. Thank you... I was able to pinpoint the problem to the linewieght of the material for the walls. Great advice thank you again
  5. no, this is printed in color.... when I print graysale the elevation goes completely black
  6. When I went to print elevations from a layout the print comes out black. The elevations appear fine in the layout window, but when I print it turns the elevation black and further investigations makes it appear as though it is a black spot over the elevation, but only when printed. Any suggestions would be helpful. test.pdf