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  1. buzartiano

    Exterior Wall Pack Lighting?

    Robert Thanks so much
  2. buzartiano


    Hello! I am developing a 30 unit subdivision with 3 base models and upgrade packages. I am looking for a Chief Architect Designer to clean up my plans, create elevations, create door & window schedules, and other "marketing" ready plans. Looking for someone that has a collaborative attitude and works for a fair rate. I will supply Chief Architect files with the basic plan including room layouts, windows, doors, cabinets & appliances, decks, garages, etc.
  3. buzartiano

    3d printer success?

    alantay have you had any more luck with the 3d printing? What is the latest Buz
  4. buzartiano

    3Ds Export Limitation.

    antoine Did you ever resolve your vertex issue I am having the same issue with a large business park with buildings drawn into it Buz
  5. I am a builder using Chief Architect I am looking for someone to finish up the plans and set up layout, make roof lines work etc. Ver. 6 or 7 Thanks buz@rebuildex.com