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  1. It's controlled by layers. Turn on or off:
  2. I google "Class A ridge vent" and it appears there are a number of products out there: Brandguard, Air Vent, etc. Once again, I don't think you need the mesh at the ridge vent. It's already built into the Vulcan vent and it keeps embers from entering the attic space. My guess is the the ridge vent product would just need to be compatible with your Class A rated roof -- I'm assuming asphalt shingle. So, I think you could make your detail work.
  3. Yes, I would argue the Vulcan vent functions as the attic vent and the Cor-a-vent is "cosmetic." The Cor-a-vent may however need to satisfy the Class A requirement of the roofing system. I'd suggest looking into that. Jim
  4. Can again confirm issue. Just happened on plan I'm working on. And yes, a bay window is in the plan. Jim
  5. Hi, I was working with railing panels today and noticed the panel infill varied with panel type. Here's an example below. 3 railing walls each 10 feet long. 3 different library panel styles. You can see that the panel counts vary from 2 to 4. What controls the "repeat" behavior of railing panel infills? Is there a setting I'm missing? Thanks again, Jim
  6. Doug, I appreciate your detailed input. Thanks. Jim
  7. Ryan, That's what I suspected. Thanks for confirming. Jim
  8. Hello, I've got my plan keynotes set up as a vertical list on the right side of my plan sheet which works just fine for the bulk of my projects: Well, I knew the day would arrive and now I have a large house with a wide floor plan. Accordingly, I want to set up my keynote schedule horizontally across the bottom of the sheet. Like this: (This example was done in Autocad, whose table object allows for multiple columns). Can this be easily done in Chief? I think the answer is "no," but thought I'd run it by the forum. I can see a messy workaround like multiple layout boxes pasted next to each other.... Thanks again for your help, Jim
  9. Thanks Jason for your feedback. I think I'll just have to dive into this swimming pool and see how it goes! Jim
  10. My hunch is font substitution is happening, i.e. you don't have the font installed on your system that the other designer is using.
  11. Thanks for the input. I'll have to consider. I probably should watch the Chief site plan training video one more time as a refresher.
  12. I'd like to develop a full 3D site plan. Good food for thought. Thanks!
  13. Good morning, Working on a large new house on a large lot. I'll have to develop the site plan soon. Should I include the site work as part of the house plan file or draw it up separately and bring it in as a reference display? I suspect there's a chance that the house will move on the site before we finalize its location. My inclination is to keep the site plan as a separate file. What do you recommend? Thanks again, Jim
  14. Assuming this is a commercial not residential project. Looks like the building official cites the relevant code section in first comment. I'd start there and see if there is an exception listed.
  15. Thanks Mark for looking into this. Much appreciated. I'll take a look at your tips tomorrow. I wound up proceeding with manual roofs, but I would like to get better at auto roofs. Jim
  16. I have boxed eaves turned on and 2 gable roofs meeting at an outside corner. Any tips / techniques to get both boxed eaves to build at this outside corner? I understand boxed eaves can be fussy, but hoping there is a workaround. Thanks again, Jim
  17. Mark, I'd like the valley to occur farther down the plan so there is one ridge on the main gable running left/right, but thanks for pointing me in the direction of this roof tool I wasn't aware of. I think it's exactly meant for the problem I have. I'll play around with it and see if it works. Thanks again, Jim
  18. Probably sound advice! I was hoping otherwise, but I bet you're right. Jim
  19. PLAN attached. I have clouded the problem area. Jim plan - PROPOSED.zip
  20. Graeme, Do you mean this? It should go across, but that's the result auto-roofs is giving me. This is the thing I'm trying to correct. Jim
  21. I'm trying my hand at auto rebuild roofs and have a problem with an offset valley: Here's a sketch below with the plan and roof planes shown: I have a smaller gable intersecting a larger gable. The valleys formed left / right of the ridge are not meeting together because of a slight stagger / offset. I think I know what's going on, but don't know how to correct it... On the left side, the valley is forming correctly directly over the intersection of the face of studs (shown by orange construction lines). On the right side, the valley is instead forming over the wall break point, which is where I change from a hip to a gable wall and also happens to be at the centerline of interior wall meeting the exterior walls. This appears to be causing the misaligned valley. I'd like to shift the wall break down to mirror left side condition. However, this wall break keeps snapping back to interior wall centerline. Ideas? I hope this is clear enough, but I can upload the plan if needed. Thanks again! Jim
  22. Tim from Design Build Solutions posted a recent video that might give you some insight and tips. He shows a window solution, but probably relevant for a door too. Jim