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  1. I may need a life coach. Thanks Para-cad! Jim
  2. I got the email today that X15 was officially released. I'd like to download and install. First time upgrade for me, so couple of quick questions: X14 remains on my system and X15 installs as separate standalone program? This goes for future releases also, right? any reason why I wouldn't / shouldn't just use X15 exclusively from here on out? Or, should I keep my existing X14 projects as X14 and only start new projects in x15? Thanks again, Jim
  3. Bruce, For what it's worth, I use Autocad Architecture 2015 on my Windows 11 system and it works without issue. Granted, it's one year newer than your version, but I thought I'd post to let you know. Jim
  4. Michael, I'm a bit of a newbie with Chief, so thinking conceptually here, but does Chief have a tool that allows placement of a wall reveal? Sort of like an inverse trim piece that cuts into the wall. If yes, then I would define the wall type to include the Hardie panel and then place the reveals as needed on the elevations. I don't think the panels need to be delineated in plan, especially at 1/4 scale. They can be shown and dimensioned on the elevations. Jim
  5. Having a pop-out outlet in lieu of a side mount unit does not seem like a big deal to me in the grand scheme of things. I thought about the difference in electrical codes during a recent visit to England and Scotland. First reaction was they have the most overbuilt outlets and appliance cords. Just like battleships, or maybe dreadnoughts is the better term. But, my impression is they are very proud of their electrical safety standards and probably think our standards are lacking. Also noticed that they are very restrictive in bathroom electrical outlets only allowing small electric razor outlet.
  6. Chopsaw and Richard, thank you both for your 2 cents. Richard, project is in fact in the Bay Area. I appreciate you referencing the code section and I found California's same equivalent. Big help! Jim
  7. I'm doing some drawings for an interior designer and noticed she specified a non-UL listed pendant light fixture. If I were the designer I would be hesitant to do this -- certainly for commercial and probably for residential too. I'll alert her to this, but thought I'd bring up the topic here first. Does anyone have additional thoughts on this? Thanks in advance, Jim
  8. Thanks Joe. For most part, I usually leave it up to the GC. (Builder's permit set). Jim
  9. OK, I think I figured it out. I edited the 2D CAD symbol (moved it down 24") for the single instance only. I'm curious if this is a good method or if people have a better solution? Thanks, Jim
  10. Good morning, I have an electrical outlet and light fixture placed above each other in elevation just perfect: But, in plan they overlap: Is there a workaround for this graphical conflict? I suppose I'd like to be able to move the outlet's 2D symbol to the side and add a leader without affecting its 3D symbol location. Thanks again, Jim
  11. Steve, Did you achieve the balcony cantilever by locating the railing walls outboard of the walls below? I guess I thought exterior walls need to stack, but maybe not! Jim
  12. I'll give that a try tomorrow morning. I was wondering if my strategy was the wrong one. Thanks, Jim
  13. Good afternoon, I'm working on the as-builts of a house with an exterior roof deck above a screened porch. Here's looking back at the screened porch with the deck above: Here's view up at the roof deck: Here's the approach I took: I built my porch below and built the roof deck above to be a roof with zero slope. That seemed to work great as the auto-gutters appeared on all sides. So far so good, but as soon as I added railings to the roof deck perimeter, it "suppressed" the roof construction and turned it into a floor for lack of a better description. Is there a way to keep this from happening? Thanks again for the help, Jim P.S. Zipped PLAN file attached. AS-BUILTS.zip
  14. Thanks. Seems a little strange it does not show in plan, but I can live with it. Jim
  15. Thanks DB. I appreciate your quick response. Jim
  16. Good afternoon, I started using the ceiling soffit tool for the first time and have a few questions. Is it only limited to simple box and corner shapes? (I was a little surprised you cannot use the break tool and also boolean Add / subtract tools to create more complex soffits). How do people create more complex ceiling soffits? Thanks again, Jim
  17. I built a stair with a 24" wide carpet runner. It shows up in 3D, but not in plan. I'm a little confused why it does not. I even turned on all the layers to see if it was a layer issue, but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks again, Jim
  18. Hello, Can Chief build a stair rail volute automatically? Thanks again, Jim
  19. You could scan the downloaded file for viruses before you open it. I think this could offer you some reassurance. Windows Defender, Malwarebytes, etc. allow this. Right click file (on PC). Jim