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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. It was the Foundation wall. Pulled it back a little and it worked. Now to edit my template. Sill looking for the Look for the masonry saw in the Tools pull-down Ha Ha Ha.(Thanks for the break in my concentration DzinEye)
  2. Have been away from using Chief X11 for a while and started a new plan from a Template which was working very good. What settings am I missing. Thanking anyone replying in advance. Geoff McNeil
  3. I have been approached by a new group of builders who are establishing an Independant Builders Group. They are requiring a draftsperson well versed in Chief Architect 6/ Chief Architect Lite. to 1. Prepare / amend design house plan brochures as required. 2. Prepare/finalise plans or 3. Prepare and finalise plans and associated authority documentation for submission to Council Please contact me so that I can onforward your details. P.S. I also have another separate builder requiring assistance with X6 plan completions. Geoff McNeil email Phone (02) 6585 5494 Mobile 0418 65 3421