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  1. finished floor 5'6" above grade, garage is regular slab (with stair going up to laundry room. any help verifying above and with stair -landing - stair to entry porch. Also I cannot get kitchen island to close up.I have tried break tool and still cannot get it to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks McVaugh.Jim_Custom.plan.7z
  2. Thanks guys for the help. I resolved it. The chimney cap does not show up on elevations though. It shows up in 3D. Is there some way to line the stud brick wall up with the new stud wall! I cannot seem to get it to line up exactly going by fireplace brick etc.
  3. Can anyone assist me in how to adjust the smaller chimeny and close it up on the elevation? the other one is existing, but I could close it up to. Want my elevations to look right for my client. Tharp.Ben Remodeling.plan.7z
  4. I am having fireplace issues. I had regular fireplace drawn previous. Client wanted real fireplace not prefab. When I drew this one in it filled up Family rm and Bedrrom wall windows with brick. I am meeting with this client at 9:15 am in the morning right after another meeting over at 9:00 am. I will not have anytime in the morning to correct this issue. Any help tonight would be appreciate the help in getting the exterior walls show right again with siding on new addtion and not covering up windows. file enclosed zipped of project. Thanks, Newell 713.385.3622 Tharp
  5. how can I get the catheral wall toward fireplace to show correcting closing up clg. where you do not see under roof. I resent plan unzipped
  6. Thanks. I just copied, pasted in place from 1s floor chimney to attic and solved issue.
  7. It would be nice to have 3D ADA Drinking Fountains double bowls - 2 spouts to insert in commercial projects. it would be nice to have more 3 blocks for commercial.
  8. I have been trying for 3-4 hours . cannot solve the issue of family room and cath ceiling with, beam in middle and furr downs from top of bc to btm of cath. ceiling on each side of fireplace flush with fireplace wall on family room side. You can see roof is showing in picture. Remodeling existing fireplace needs to go thru roof. Issues with roof not looking right. I would appreciate any help. Tharp.Ben Remodeling.plan.7z
  9. I have tried what you guys suggested and cannot get the furrr down to stay under roof, nor chimney to go above roof. I took elevation and does not let me draw furrdown. Also it is supposed to be cath. clg all across the family room and roof continues straight across same peak roof all across the house. Tharp.Ben
  10. i would appreciate any advise /help on raising this brinck fireplace 30 in above peak roof (it is existing in this remodeling) and get rid of the walls sticking above the roof w/o affecting family room catheral ceiling. Thanks, Newell 713.395.7622 Tharp.Ben Remodeling.plan.7z
  11. Is there s way to door or window schudule on a remodeling where the existing house doors and or windows will not show up on the schdules. for the new addional rooms etc? Would appreciate your input. Newell Cheatheam Chief x8, windows 10
  12. I added 2 ft into a plan at different areas of 2nd floor and first floor. The Building sections did not update and showing additional walls as you can see in the 2 bldg. png sections. Also the one with stair is not closing up after moving stair at top landing. Any help would be appreciated..
  13. Thanks guys for the point reputation
  14. Is it possible to draw site or plot plan and place house this house just reverse on it and write flip at jobsite.