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  1. Thanks DzinEye. I changed the pitch to 8:12 and trying to get porch ceiling to be 8 ft. ht and close up eave. Needs wall on the left gable side at attic. The porch roof is set back to over window and miss hip roof on left. Any suggestions in having a flat ceiling for porch? on right is brezzway going to garage. this is just remodeling adding a roof to existing slab. Gasdia Porch Remodeling.plan
  2. 1) I would appreciate any help on the rear of this remodeling adding porch roof to existing slab. Looking at rear of house. lower pitch roof hitting into existing roof about 72" up from edge of existing rear birck wall (missing some roof vets )with gable on left side of it in from exist. slab about 48" missing the existing hip roof. 2) Also I cannot seem to close the roof coming from first floor roof edge all the way up catching the roof on the 2nd floor (not closing up from left side of 2nd floor roof. See attached existing pics. Thank you for any help in getting these issues resolved on this porch addtion roof. Just need it looking right when doing perpective on rear for HOA. Newell Cheatheam chief 11x windows 10 Gasdia Porch Remodeling.plan
  3. thank you renderrabbit. I really appreciate the help. You have awsome weekend.
  4. Stair landing I cannot get to be at deck height. Also I need bottom of deck floor ceiling (showed in 3D) to show white wood planks with concrete on 2nd deck level. Any help would be appreciated. Client coming in afternoon to review. Thanks Newell Cheatheam Chief 11 newell, NEW-William Dowdell
  5. In 3d there is a wall sticking out. see jpeg attached. I cannot figure it out to remove. NEW-William_Dowdell_Dr.plan
  6. What is DBA?Under Roof Plan specification, I tried lowering the height at 2nd floor, under lock base line height to 7'8.5" and it loweed the that whole side to the first floor to that height!


    I cannot figure it out.

    1. Designer100


      it has a 0/12 pitch on top and 7'8.5" plate line across each side ( I cannot figure this part out) to create the existing roof.




    2. StephenGreene


      sorry....i just saw this. glad you figured it out. glad to help.

  7. This is just a remodel on exterior and new outdoor kitchen. But I cannot get the circle wall that is going into the living area inside the house by outdoor kitchen. I cannot get it deleted out. I would appreciate anyones help. Newell 713.385.3622 newell@newellcheatheam. Bolding_Tony.Sarah_Remodeling.plan
  8. I just need to copy and flip the plan off center of wall, so it will be a duplex. The demising wall I can do layer. normally it is extra 5/8 firecode gypbd.
  9. Hey, Can anyone assist me. I need to flip this prelim. plan to left side to be a duplex with garages on outside and 1 hr fire rated centered wall between. . Going to have a flat roof above entry and front balcony. I would appreciate any help. Thanks if someone can assist. Newell DUPLEX
  10. I cannot figure out how to ge small gable roof above Bedroom 4 on study side to fill out correctly, fascia not showing.. Also porte-co-chere on 1st floor roof to be flat with siding on left side on front part. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Thank you chopsaw for the help.. I do not know what to do with points. But thank you. Newell
  12. This is a remodeling project. The new porte-co-chere, sunroom and breezeway will not call out. also the new bedroom on 2nd level will not call out room name. I still like working out sunroom, and rear of house roof small slope to kept under 2nd floor windows for egress and bedroom 4 and walk over to new gameroom. and Thank you for help in being able to call out rooms. Newell Cheatheam chief x11
  13. I was just wondering what to charge for doing a 3D viewer or walk thru in a custom home besides my regular design fee? do I set a minimum design fee and then charge by the hour or what.
  15. i have been trying to work this rear roof out and cannot seem to close it up. I would appreciate anyone assisting me. this is all i like finishing up this project. Thanks, 1411 Plan .zip
  16. David, Thank you. it was a great help. Newell
  17. I have designed a pergola and a deck. I cannot get the terrian to show right. It needs to be zero of level at back of deck by pool deck and slowly slope down to a bayou. it needs to be 36" to grade at edge of outer deck Then a stair going down to the end of stair which is around 5 fr lower that top of deck. I have not did much terrian and would appreciate your help. This is just a remodeling and adding a deck from the pool. Thank you, Nerwell Pergola_.plan 11X17.layout
  18. I do not even have client yet. But contractor roughly gave me info. I need the 2nd floor living area to be under roof of this metail bldg. with 16 ft eave ht. I was making 1st floor ceiling under living area at garage 2 area and then garage area 1 open to steel rafters. When I make a bldg. section it is not putting cabinets and room where it is surpose to be. I want it to be like attached elevation. when I make the garage area to ceiling 11' then it changes the whole right side of bldg. eave ht. I would apprciate any help. Thanks, Newell Starr.Cole Seabrook Metal Bldg.plan
  19. I would appreciate any help on roof rafters not showing. seems they are below fascia. this is a remodeling Newell Cheatheam 281.392.3034 chief x 11 windows 10
  20. Roof is existing on front part of house. I have not designed rear roof yet. It is all hip roof. But I am raising ceiling to be coffered 10 ft for family room, kitchen and dining.I am trying to get ceiling planes connecting in family room sloping in a 4:12 pitch and in on rear kitchen same distance.
  21. See attached section.This is a remodeling addtion. I am raising the living, kit, diinng to 10' coffered ceiling from 8' plate at rear of kit and front of living area I cannot get the section to look right! I am manually drawing the roof so I can show existing rafters and then new roof tieing in. Any help would be appreciated. . Ngnyen new
  22. Shane, I do not know what points are. But I did thnk everyone for their help.