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  1. David, Thank you. it was a great help. Newell
  2. I have designed a pergola and a deck. I cannot get the terrian to show right. It needs to be zero of level at back of deck by pool deck and slowly slope down to a bayou. it needs to be 36" to grade at edge of outer deck Then a stair going down to the end of stair which is around 5 fr lower that top of deck. I have not did much terrian and would appreciate your help. This is just a remodeling and adding a deck from the pool. Thank you, Nerwell Pergola_.plan 11X17.layout
  3. I do not even have client yet. But contractor roughly gave me info. I need the 2nd floor living area to be under roof of this metail bldg. with 16 ft eave ht. I was making 1st floor ceiling under living area at garage 2 area and then garage area 1 open to steel rafters. When I make a bldg. section it is not putting cabinets and room where it is surpose to be. I want it to be like attached elevation. when I make the garage area to ceiling 11' then it changes the whole right side of bldg. eave ht. I would apprciate any help. Thanks, Newell Starr.Cole Seabrook Metal Bldg.plan
  4. I would appreciate any help on roof rafters not showing. seems they are below fascia. this is a remodeling Newell Cheatheam 281.392.3034 chief x 11 windows 10
  5. Roof is existing on front part of house. I have not designed rear roof yet. It is all hip roof. But I am raising ceiling to be coffered 10 ft for family room, kitchen and dining.I am trying to get ceiling planes connecting in family room sloping in a 4:12 pitch and in on rear kitchen same distance.
  6. See attached section.This is a remodeling addtion. I am raising the living, kit, diinng to 10' coffered ceiling from 8' plate at rear of kit and front of living area I cannot get the section to look right! I am manually drawing the roof so I can show existing rafters and then new roof tieing in. Any help would be appreciated. . Ngnyen new
  7. Shane, I do not know what points are. But I did thnk everyone for their help.
  8. client is wanting boys bedroom on 2nd floor. Egress will be thru dormer window after opening door. I cannot get the dormer thru automatice dormer to set in there. I would appreciate any help in designing a dormer to set in area landing. Thank you if someone can assist me. Newell Cheatheam Chief x11 713.385.3622 DuranRemodeling.plan
  9. Mark, Thank you for your help. That is how it is surpose to be. Newell
  10. Can anyone assist me in this roof issue. Just trying to match exist house gable etc tieing into hips and then I will design new pergola to rear. Chief x11 Newell Cheatheam WinstonRanchCt.plan
  11. Thank you for ya'll help.
  12. Thanks for input brown tiger,. I did resolve the roof issue before I saw your help (it is attached). Great room ceiling issue, cannot get to close up. It might create some issues during framing plans.This is a major remodel, raising halls ceilings from 8ft to 10 ft. Seet attache clg view , I cannot solve it see attached. The beam at front porch is there a way to semi-arch the beam like builder sketch I attached previously.
  13. can anyone figure out this roof. Automatic roof does not work because of the gable at the front, plus the btm of it needs to be semi-arch and between the other post needs to be semi-arch on bth at front porch. plus the great room bldr want coming in from all sides sloped up to a point. ( I can not get it to work right. This is a remodeling project. I am trying to get front to look like the attached bldr sketch.all house is 10 ft p.l. except garage is staying 8' and the new outdoor rm will have 8' p.l. w. cath ceiling. Thanks if someone can assisst me.using x 11 Newell 713.385.3622
  14. Thanks for the roof help charles. I am just guess on existing roof beyound the patio extentsion roof. I will not show much beyond that. Newell
  15. The house roof is existing. 2 pitches on porch side before adding new covered roof. It is a different pitch. Trying to get to close off duing perpective. see existing pic before I add new roof.
  16. sorry I thought i posted plan. here it is. Aprpeciate the help. Berkoff Court-Paito Cover.plan
  17. I design a lot of remodeling porch roof extensions and pergolias. I keep having issue closing the ridge up and at the top is another pitch.. I have even broke the lines but sitll not close up. Any help out there? attached is existing picuture. I need to have smooth 6:12 pitch going into exisiging roof.]] Thanki you for any help solving this issue Newell Cheatheam chief x11 281.392.3034 Berkoff Court.layout
  18. thank you for your info to solve issue. Now I need cross angle supports to be placed and moved to front and in middle bm? any suggestions.
  19. I need the new carport to look like 4189 open with beams and wood slate ceiling. I cannot get it to look like that image! it is like carport image now. I need it open on front with cross beams like image 4189. using chief 11. anyhelp would be appreciated. Regards, Newell Cheatheam 713.385.3622 Roberts_Remodeling.plan
  20. Solver. Thank you so mucn. You are a king.
  22. Tommy it meets code. do you have time to help me with this roof issue? I would appreciate your help.I charged a fix fee and already paid. I cannot figure it out. Newell
  23. I have a small remodeling porch addition. I cannot get a roof to work out hip 3 9/16 slope on each side, into existing 7:12 roof. we replaced 3050 window with 3040 window with shed roof slopeing up to below window btm trim. is this even going to work. They do not want the main new roof to be a shed. there would proably have to be some crickets tieing the 3 differend pitches together to get water out. Can this be done that the client and contractor wants.? rendering 1 and rendering 2 is how I done it first by client does not want two shed roofs! this small job is eating my lunch. Just shed going up under window "Any help would be appreciated." Newell Cheatheam 713.385.3622 Chief x11 Ruston RidgeDr Porch2.plan
  24. It just has 4 cmu stacked every so often 8-10' or whatever engineer says. I believe I have it worked out. Just need to get garage slab looking right, 18 in stem wall and siding above. . Need Open floor joist in crawl space! Use lattice or some other product to close in betwee. ( I assume on elevations use poljyline and put between cmu and put material. Thank you solver, Plan 5661LAF.GARAGE.PIER&