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  1. i CANNOT GET THE ROOF ABOVE BREAKFAST TO GO TO 12:12 UPPER PITCH WITH 3.5:12 LOWER PICTCH. attached are pictures of what I am trying to get on this remodeling addition i WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR HELP,. X9 windows 10 newell KingsCastleDr.plan IMG_0213.MOV
  2. KingsCastleDr.plan I would appreciate any suggestions on this double pitch remodeling addition. The lower roof pictch is not showing up overhang on this remodeling on exsiting garage. 3.5 pitch lower and 12:12 pitch on upper ptich. I am continuing the lower pitch of roof across the shop but keeping the 12:12 same across the shop roof. Attached pictures of existing. Thanks for any assistance. Newell Cheatheam x9 windows 10 KingsCastleDr.plan
  3. Eric, I opened your plan, but the Porch roof is not same fascia height and then pitch needs to be 110 7/16" with roof baseline connecting the same. King.Randy_05.2017.plan
  4. it will not let me change to 110 7/16" and 4:12 pitch. I change one and it changes the other if I lock one?
  5. Will not let me put ceiling? and close in front of gable
  6. Can anyone assist me in geting the porch gable to fill up on this project. I am needing to create a 30" ht. stone colum with 6" cedar post going to ceiling also Thanks. King.Randy_05.2017.plan
  7. Thank you guys for your help. I have the issue solved.
  8. Here are pictures for existing. Just adding on new area on rear. Rest of existing roof stays the same. Thanks.
  9. I am drawing roof manually and I am having issues connecting it together. Back outdoor room has metal 2:12 slope tieing into facisa.(do not want to mess that up). I tried automated and was not connecting up at bath one correctly. I would appreciate any help. Thanks Panola Way Remodeling.7z
  10. It does not look like it is showing u dark enough.
  11. Hey guys whenI plot this plan the plot does not show driveway and curb radius etc. Can someone help. After revising Site plan this does not plat. When looking at layout it is there. Thanks if someone can help. McVaugh.Jim_Custom1.plan.7z
  12. I need all rooms with 12 ft gyp bd. Ceiling,(no furrdowns) 15 ft to btm of 24" ht. I-beams, then steel I-joists and roof decking setting on beams.existing Exterior walls proably at 20 ft Ht at rear and front of lease space.
  13. Attached is plan I am having issues existing building I am designing beauty saloon . removiing exising dropped 10' ht. ceiling and adding new celing at 12 ft ht wit 2x12 jsts at 16" o.c. spanning 20 ft 2" and resting on a 2x12 ledger bm (top at 12 ft) then gyp bd covering it continuous on each side of lease spacd. 15 ft off floor to btm of exist 6"x24in steel beams at 60" o.c. goint front to back of lease space. with 12" steel bar joists going side to side on top of them. then built up roof. You can see the cross sedtion is not right. I put dimensions whter things is surpose to be. You can see camera of one space is not showing ceiling at 12' ht. Thanks if you can assists. Prelim. Floor plan 04.17.2017.pdf
  14. Does anyone know where I can get free 3d cad blocks for beauty equipment. 3d warehouse does not have any
  15. If I have drawin a plot pan terriian around a house. Const drawings are finished. finish floor is 66 in above grade. Can I draw anthoer plot plan convert to terrian and insert it in place of old one w/o messing up the const. drawings already finished?
  16. I would appreciate any assistance on this home to be pier and beam. first floor. 66 in above grade for flood plane, Garage 24 in above grade. First Floor is 10 ft 1" Rough clg, 2nd Floor is 9 ft 1in rough clg. Garage plate lline and eave height should match the Master Bedroom? It seems the some of the eaves and plates are not all corrrect. I would appreciate any help so i can get this project finished up by Thursday evening. Also 2nd Floor rear Elevation wall of gameroom will not change to stucco. But main thing is heights of ceilings. McVaugh.Jim_Custom1.plan04_11.2017.7z
  17. Solver, thanks for getting the stair partial fixed. I am still trying to get a smooth rail transition from first floor stair to landing to 2nd floor hallway to hallway rail!. If anyone can help resolve this I would appreciate it. McVaugh.Jim Custom1.plan.7z
  18. Thank you Solver a bunch. Just sent to client before going to church.
  19. I would appreciate any help with this interior stair that has stair-landing and then 2 stairs going different directions. I cannot get it figured out. see attached plan. Then stair to side on how it needs to be or attached pdf. Thank you if anyone can. help. Newell Cheatheam Chief x9 windows 10 sketch03312017.pdf
  20. I saw vedeo using drives making curves but I never could get it to work! I was doing it with polylines, but then went back to the drive and sidewalk tools.
  21. Thank you mark that really helped. I still need to adjust the house finished floor to 66 in ht. later when i get back on project plans.
  22. 1). I cannot get the driveway to 5 ft radius to street curb with curb coming backon inside of driveway width. 2) I cannot get the street curb to radius on the corner. 3) I cannot get the sidwalk to expand 25' width on cornell street like old survey shows with side walk curving toward 33rd street. See floor plan zipped, old survey, my plot/site plan screen shot. Thank you for any help someone can do. Newell Cheatheam 713.385.3622 Chief x9, windows 10 Old Survey TR GL-605B (1).pdf
  23. 1) I still cannot get the entry stair and garage stair to work out. see sketch and then my floor plan. 2) House finish floor is 66" off grade (surpose to be). Garage is 12" off grade. I cannot figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Newell 713.385.3622 17013-Front elevation 3-14-17.pdf 17013-First floor 3-14-17.pdf McVaugh.Jim