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  2. 1. I would appreciate help. designed a deck, but cannot get chief architect to cut hole in deck around tree 36x36". It also needs to reframe the deck. Cannot get it to reframe the deck and around the new hole it cuts. 2. Also where entrances to barn on both sides is level with grade and the rear of bldg at deck is 18" to foundation ht of barn. edge of exterior deck is 18" ht, then out about 36" from outside deck , it starts slopping down hill to rear.. I cannot get the deck and foundation ht to look right. (right now it is sloping the other way)! Lane.Joe -Coyle 2.plan
  3. I cannot delete the 2 columns under stair at balcony. I only need 3 columns on the stair side or carport or balcony. When I put stair it added 2 columns. I cannot delete them and would appreciate anyones help. this is all I like finishing up. Lane.Joe -Coyle.plan
  4. The rear of this barn is around 18" from top of floor to grade.Front by doors is regulart top of grade to go out doors. I am trying to have deck at 18" on back deck then starts slopping toward back of property with 3-4 steps. I cannot get it to work. Lane.Joe -Coyle.plan
  5. The attached pergolia remodeling I am trying to copy and paste stone column, with cap and 8" wood posts to another plan of same buliding of site plan. I even blocked the column and it only pastes the stone base , not the cap nor the 8 in posts. I would also like to past the pergolia framing etc. to the new plan. but mainly the full columns now. any suggestions. site
  6. Here is updated file, but I cannot seem to get the stem walls to not go above slab. Need 12x12 treated columns 15 ft to bottom of 2nd level structure. Also need slab continuing under the decking. any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Cruz Beach
  7. I have tried Ref. no. KB-01027 but I have already created the level 2(considered 1st floor) and level 3.then trying to do foundation with pilings and parking below and still cannot get it to work. The stem walls go all the way up.
  8. I was trying to have prelim. plans ready for client on this 3 level beach house on 12"x12" pilings. Chief support said to draw the 2nd and 3rd level floors then come back and do the foundation and piliings which is to be 15 ft to btm of struction for the 2nd level living. I cannot seem to get it to work right. Also the 3rd level has concrete base with deck on top of it to be waterproof. Can anyone help. Thanks
  9. steve, Thanks, I did some of the things you mentioned in video, But cannot get the dentils to go on the front and ceiling of porch is showing asphalt also. Any recommendations. Gonzales.Karen.plan
  10. I need a ushaped stair with 9 risers at long wall side and 2 corner steps at each corner. not landing there. Can anyone help with this? O have never designed one of this? I am doing a remodeling on the 3rd and 4th floor of townhouse. Existing plan in background. Just drawing outside walls and stair on inside of 1st and 2nd floor. any help appreciated. townhouse.plan
  11. Still connot get the balcony railing to close up and post on corner.
  12. 1. I am having a problem getting this front entry porch to look right. need 18 in between btm and to top of roof. Also need the railing to set on it with posts on each corner. Cannot seem to get it to work. 2. is there a way to put 2 in dentals 6" o.c. on the fascia 2nd floor and first floor roof across the front down garage right side. Do I need to remove the gutters for this to happen? attached is picuture I am having issues with. I would apprectiate any ones help. Thanks, Newell Cheatheam 281.392.3034 x10 , windows 10
  13. Here it is unzipped. 18x30.Katy Plumbing layout.layout Pergola.plan
  14. Pergola Ceiling framing issue when sent to layout page from Pergola -Framing Layout set. I send Working PLan View to layout sheet w/o pergola framing. I send Pergola-Framing layer to layout sheet w, pergola framing and it automaticaly adds the framing to the working plan View floor plan. of layout. (How can I correct this issue). I put the 2x2's, 2x6's and 2x8's all on their own layer. Still cannot solve the isse. I would appreciate any assistance with this issue.I was trying to get to client tomorrow for review. Thanks, Newell Cheatheam Chief Architec x10 Windows 10 281.392.3034 Pergoala -Framing Layer
  15. When I am moving a wall it shows decimals instead of regular temp dimensions. Any suggestions on how to get this back normal. When I draw dimensions, they area correct. Thanks for any help. Chief x10, Windows 10
  16. Do we have led lights in chief that I can find in library for commercial project that can hang from steel trusses? Newell Cheatheam
  17. I solved the kitchen issues. Need the balcony issue solved.
  18. 1. I would appreciate any assistance help on the angled upper and lower kitchen cabinets. I cannot seem to get them to work out. typical nearly on each side of the kitchen porjection. see attached jpegs. 2. I cannot get the from porch flat roof and railing to look like picture.all of a sudden it put space between the 2 foot wall dropped I and put iin. Help appreciate. Thank you. Newell
  19. I cannot seem to work out roof above garage on right w.o messing up window, nest to front entry to the house. I would appreciate any suggestions someone can give me. Trying to get finished before going out of town tomorrow. Trying to keep the 4:12 pitch. I tried coming off just under windows with maybe a 2:12 roof to the 4:12 roof but could not get it to work. I have not had so many issues with a house plan. Thanks for any help.,
  20. How do I place a flood light on a exterior column or exterior soffit? Aalso placing a electrical outlet on a column. I have made a small retangle wall in past to do it. Any suggestion? this is something cheiv developers need to work on. It says walls or cabinets! Ther should be a simple solution.