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  1. I tried inside, outside the building. Just too clunky to work well. Especially with a price north of $300. Hopefully, they will improve the product. It is a great concept, just not a great product. If anyone has had a better experience, I'd love to hear about it.
  2. Hey Dermont! Insulting Chief users probably isn't a fantastic business practice. Just say'n. I use Chief for a living, am quite busy, and yet I have the time to keep up on the forums. If I sold/developed CA for a living, I would be intently interested what the users have to say. Now that I have busted your chops a little, let me finish by saying that I absolutely love using Chief. It is the third CAD platform that I have used (starting with a DOS based program), and by a huge margin, it kicks butt for residential projects. As in any software, there are opportunities for improvements. Us users typically use it every day, and some nights. We are the experts on how well it works or doesn't work. Small items that may seem trivial to a developer, add up to huge irritations to the folks who have to get plans out the door. When you improve the program, enhance our work flow, we make more money! When we make more money, we hire folks, buy additional licenses, and keep paying for the SSA. IMHO, you should be reading the forums every day and be engaged in the discussion. Have a great weekend!
  3. Moasure tool update. Well folks, I have it an honest try, but the Moasure is simply too finicky for real world use. It works well if you have environments as shown in the videos (flat ground, minor obstacles, and easy access). The concept is awesome and in the future if/when they improve the product I will purchase it, but for now, I am returning the unit. I appreciate the 30 day money back guarantee. Was really hoping this would be a game changer. For now I'm back to graph paper, a tape measure and a laser measure.
  4. How is Chief considering this an interior room? And, where did you get the glass panel railing? Way cool!!
  5. Going to pull the trigger on purchasing the Moasure One. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee so the risk is minimal. I will test the unit and report back. Stay tuned!!
  6. Has anyone tried "Moasure" https://www.moasure.com/? The system is very intriguing, if it works. If it works as advertised, it will be a real game changer for preparing as-built drawings. Thanks!
  7. Just got a call from an old client who needs plans for a new house in the Oakland hills. I try to stay in a three county radius and not interested in working with a new building department and learning where their bear traps and flaming hoops are. If you have local knowledge and are interested, reach out and I will give you my client's contact information. Thanks in advance.
  8. You can get an exemption for a solar system. I understand that you have to get someone out there to measure the available sunlight and write a report. I investigated this a while back and couldn't get any concrete answers. The owners decided that it was easier just to install the solar system rather than jump through the flaming hoops. Gotta love California.
  9. Here in California, we are required to have 42" clear width.
  10. I'd think about going to a 7 3/4" riser. This would eliminate one tread and, IMHO is more comfortable to climb than a 6 13/16" riser.
  11. Alcehmy Jim. You missed one small detail. If half of the venting is at the eve line, the required venting is 1/300. Fairly easy to achieve with eve and continuous ridge venting. I agree that closed cell insulation solves the venting issue, but it is 4x the cost. In my area anyway.
  12. Well, learned something today. Didn't know about the "balloon through" function! One of the reasons I check this forum daily. Thanks!!
  13. A lot of my work involves trussed roofs. After building the trusses, I frame the roof for the facia and varge rafters. Problem with this is that CA adds ridge boards that don't exist in trussed roofs. There doesn't seem to be a way to frame without ridge boards or to set the ridge board dimensions at 0. If there is a work around, I'd love to hear it. Also.... Is there a way to frame a roof where one roof California or over frames over another roof. In my previous CAD, I could trim the bottom of one roof to the top of another and the framing acted accordingly. This program even added a valley plate on top of the lower roof and below the rafters of the upper roof. That may be too much to ask for, but one can only hope. Love to hear what y'all have to say. Thanks in advance.
  14. In my area, if you have eve and gable vents, you can cut the vent area to 1/300th.
  15. An acquaintance needs as-built drawings for a house in Sacramento, CA. It is too far for me to drive, and I'm just too darn busy. If you are interested, reply and I will send you the contact information. Thanks
  16. Very nicely done! Although I'm pretty good with Chief, I picked up a few gems from the video. Thanks!!
  17. I have been asked to do construction management, to which I say "no thank you very much". Here in California, unlicensed designers are not allowed to provide engineering services. I have two engineers that I work with and they contract directly with the client. I do work closely with the engineers and add their measures to my plans. One engineer provides his own detail sheets, the other lets me draw them myself. The second engineer also uses Chief and we have traded details with each other. Regarding interior design, I can barely dress myself. I have a very good interior designer who I send my clients to. Good luck!
  18. Hello fellow chief'ers. Was wondering if anyone as found a command to draw a line with an arrow on both ends. I use double arrow lines frequently and right now I have to draw a line with an arrow, then open it and select the option for arrow on both ends. Not a major pain in the backside, but I get irritated easily. Thanks and have a good day.
  19. Here in California, especially in the Sierra's where we have significant snow loads, almost everything requires engineering. I have two engineering firms that I have worked with for years and we have developed a great working relationship. In my workflow, I create all the structural pages and details before I send them off to the engineer. They red-line my plans and sometimes ask for additional details. I draft their red-lines onto my drawings and send them back to the engineer. Sometimes we have disagreements followed by spirited discussions (a good relationship makes this possible). Sometimes, I actually prevail. When all is said and done, the engineer stamps/signs my plans and provides me with a small book of his calculations. Once, a client hired an engineer that I hadn't worked with before. It was a total nightmare and I will never allow it to happen again. Good luck!!
  20. Hey guys, it is simple. Go to wall types, either modify the wall fill pattern of the existing wall or create a new wall type. I do this all the time particularly to show existing vs new walls. MB
  21. My advice is desktop all the way. Put the OS on a digital hard drive (very fast boot times), get the best processor and graphics card you can afford. Also, bump your RAM to 32GB. I run three monitors and am thinking about adding a fourth. Keeping the library and other windows on a separate screen really helps productivity. I keep the layout on a separate screen and 3d views on another. This way I can see how my changes effect the building. Interested in hearing what others have to day. Regards
  22. I've experienced many unnecessary requirements from building departments. This one takes the cake. Why in the heck to they want that? What purpose does it serve? I feel your pain.
  23. Check your page setup. Did you create a PDF first or just print the active screen? I agree with Joe, we need more information.
  24. Happy quarantine everybody! I know it is there some where, but can't find how to change the ceiling heights for all the rooms on a floor at once. Working on a project an the client removed a bearing wall on the first floor, which changed the second floor framing from 11 7/8" to 14". This messed up the first floor ceiling height. To correct this, I had to go into each room on the second floor and edit the ceiling height above absolute. I am confident there is an easier way, but searched for 15min (I know short attention span) and couldn't find the answer. Hope everyone is and stays healthy, Mike