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  1. Hello. Please see the attached screenshots as reference to the questions below. After I have place dimensions and finalize cabinetry in the actual floor plan, everything is setup to transfer over to Shop Drawings. What is the best solution to get the highest quality/resolution when pressing "Send to Layout" might be. My first screenshot provided shows my current setup, however, some cabinetry featuring the same options from the dialog box get transferred over to the layout different then others (i.e. pixelation, unable to resize/scale objects, darker lines on some cabinetry, etc.). Also, when I enter "Full Camera," "Perspective Floor Overview," or "Orthographic View" within the actual "Plan" in order to provide rendered screenshots of the actual cabinetry, everything looks clear & crisp. Once I press "Send to Layout" and transfer a rendered image to my Shop Drawing it remains in tact. But in other scenarios where I completely close Chief and re open the program, many of these images that were once crisp, are now blurry or pixelated, while others remain the same. What might be causing this? :/
  2. Hi @Alaskan_Son Sorry for the delayed response. I slowly went back over both Mick's instructions and figured it out. Your alternative to making the island stick out & have the background opacity slightly muted will definitely help in other areas of this project. I do have another question for you or someone else in this thread. When I first started building this shop drawing document I jumped around to different cabinetry units in no specific order. However, if you look at the screenshot provided I am trying to place "Elevation/Section" headers in a numerical order so our cabinetry makers can follow along easier. Is there a way to manually go in and override these headers and change the name/number. (i.e. In our Kitchen we would like "Elevation 4" to start as "Elevation 1." I really hope I don't have to re-do the work I have already done just to have headers categorized in a more orderly fashion. I look forward to hearing from you.
  3. Hello @Alaskan_Son Hopefully you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This option definitely helps, however, I am still slightly confused by Mick's instructions to completely loose the background cabinetry without deleting anything. Could you possibly explain (when you have time) a little more in depth to how I could achieve this. I appreciate it. Best!
  4. Thank you for the quick response @DRAWZILLA Where is that option in Chief Architect? Also, would you maybe know a solution to my second question above.
  5. Hello. I am currently working on shop drawings for a project that we are getting ready to move into the development stage. Provided are screenshots in order to use as reference to my questions! If you look at the first screenshot, I am trying to figure out why these "bounding boxes" have started appearing around wall elevations & cross sections; how can i remove this feature or turn it off. In the second screenshot provided, the kitchen island's dimensions get lost and are hard to read as a result to other cabinetry units in the background. Is there a way where I can isolate the kitchen island so there is nothing in the background, etc. please keep in mind we would like to keep the cabinet styles in tact. I look forward to hearing from one of you & I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family! Best!
  6. Hello. Please see attached screenshots & Chief Architect floor plan for reference. I am currently building a kitchen for a client and am trying to place a steam oven and regular oven into full height base cabinets. If you look go into the kitchen and look at the cabinetry tucked into the "cubby" made of drywall, on the left you will see a full height cabinet with two areas for appliances. The ovens are both Sub-Zero/Wolf appliances featuring dimensions directly from their website. However, when I go into my "Full Height Cabinet" Specification box - Front/Sides/Back - 6 Appliance & 8 Appliance - both Item Heights allow me to enter their actual size but the Width is locked out. How do I unlock the width to make sure everything is as accurate as possible! Hopefully this all makes sense. Thank You! (P.S. Happy Hallow's Eve...Watch out for the ghost and goblins creeping inside your cabinets.) FLOOR_1_UPDATE_OCTOBER_HALLOWEEN.plan
  7. Hi @solver I did this because I have only worked on larger one story floor plans over the last year. For some reason I thought floor plans previoussly had to be built in two different documents, I was unaware until several months ago that I could go "Up One Floor" and construct a two story floor plan. When I say "link," I mean just create two floors together. Is there a way to still do this without having to rebuild the second floor with all my cabinetry, etc. I appreciate your help!
  8. Attached is Also Floor 2. FLOOR_2_UPDATE_OCTOBER.plan
  9. Hello. I am currently working on a project where I have created/traced the overall structure of a floor plan that features two floors of this house. I created both floors in two different Chief Architect documents or plans. Is there any way I can still correctly link both documents in order to have the stairs pass from one floor to the other?If there is not an option for the information noted above, what might be the next best solution in order to create the stairs and not have to redo everything I have already created in one document. (i.e. is ther a way to just copy and paste one of the floor plans on top of the other without altering designs, dimensions, etc.) I have attached both Chief Architect documents along with the original floor plans to reference. Thank You! FLOOR_1_UPDATE_OCTOBER.plan
  10. Can you please send me your Niche Tools and any other tools you have.
  11. @Chopsaw When I import SketchUp files from the other designer I work with, Chief Architect pops up with "Warning - This SKP file was created in an incompatible software version. Unable to import" followed by "Warning - Couldn't create a symbol. There were no 3D surfaces found in the data file." I am working in Chief Architect Premier X8 and she is working in SketchUp Pro 2017 (which seems like both programs should be able to work with one another, since they are both still releavant). Is there a way around this. Thank You for sending me Joe's (aka Yoda) article and I look forward to hearing from you!
  12. Thank You all for your help...This definitely makes much more sense!
  13. Hi @Chopsaw What is the best way to import SketchUp files from Chief Architect if colors have already been assigned to a specific interior element. Do you happen to know a tutorial/video related to creating a symbol and cutting holes in walls...these are things I still haven't learned. The other option of making the vanity smaller and shower larger can not happen. All other dimensions on our floor plans at this stage are final. I look forward to hearing from you!