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  1. So there are times I know I am asking a DUMB question. But for some reason I could not figure it out and I was searching Flip plan. Well I worked perfectly! Thank you for not giving me a Down Vote LOL
  2. So I just got off the phone with a customer and I need to flip this house after I just finished designing it. I have not done all of my elevations and sheets yet. So does anyone have a link or a tip for flipping this project without having to redo a bunch of stuff?
  3. This is a fair point, if it requires and engineer they are going to do what they want. I was just wondering if anyone has done them for customers when it wasn't required but the customer wanted them. Here is North Texas there not required on a residential project. But it would help make the house stronger in case of a tornado.
  4. Hey, so I have had a couple of projects close to the Gulf of Mexico. They require Shear Wall design in the framing plans. Not really sure if I should just start adding them to my designs. Its not a bad idea in Tornado Ally where I live and its not a crazy concept to understand. I did not see a conversation about it so I thought I would start one.
  5. I got downvoted for commenting on a post where someone was asking for some design help. Why would you down vote me for asking if you need help? and then I cant even see who did it or why... Not Love less War
  6. So I was hoping this would be a more active group. Are any of y'all also AIBD members? I have not rejoined yet but I am planning on doing that this year. I love AIBD and the support they give designers.
  7. I am not sure if you still need help but I would be interested in talking with you. I have a long background in AutoCAD and I have been a Chief user for over a year now.
  8. Are the walls interior surfaces in line? If its off a little it will show a line
  9. Thank you for answering my post. I am not understanding how this symbol scaling works. The view set below is closer but not the room dimensions are too big. Can you recommend a view that I should watch to understand this better?




  10. I am working on setting up my own custom "Active Default Set". I have everything the way I want it except the view symbols. I have tried to find video but I have not had any luck with this exact problem. I am sure its something simple that I am missing.
  11. Did you find someone to finish this for you?
  12. I might be able to help you with all of those items. I will send you a PM
  13. I am starting up my business again and I am going to do it this time with ChiefX14! I am working out of Greenville / Royse City, TX
  14. Joe did you ever find someone to help you friend? Waco is a little bit of a drive from me but I can help them with plans and getting through all the steps. DM me if they still need help.