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  1. If it is asking if you want to update the view and it is not updating that sounds like there is something interesting going on that should be reported to Technical Support. I recommend sending that plan in to our Support Center. Please outline the exact steps you are taking in the Support Case so that we can reproduce the problem and look into the cause. Carrie
  2. You can review your default browser by looking for "Default Apps" from the start menu. Windows 11 is a bit backwards from other versions. In the Default Apps you select an app and then you choose what file type it should take care of. Since it is a new computer I would also check that you are current on Windows Updates. You might also add Chief Architect to the "Allow" or "Whitelist" of any antivirus or firewall software you may have installed. If you continue to have trouble with the Help it's a good idea to contact Technical Support so we can get all the details of the problem and help resolve it.
  3. Thank you for your patience as we worked with NVidia regarding crashes in Chief Architect when using an RTX 30 series graphics card on Windows 11. NVidia has released a new Game Ready driver today (2/14/2022 version 511.79) that appears to help with these crashes. If you are still experiencing crashes and are using an NVidia RTX 30 series card with Windows 11 we encourage you to download this latest driver and let us know if it helps. If you continue to have trouble after updating, please let our Technical Support team know by creating a Technical Support case here:
  4. The first resource on dimensions I would recommend is video 5488. Was there something specific with dimensions that you were struggling with?
  5. Hi Rob, I’m sorry to hear about the frustration you feel when you contact Technical Support. We strive to ensure every customer has a courteous experience and it sounds like you did not receive our best example of that. The nature of technical support is to ask questions, and sometimes in the pursuit of answers to problems we forget the user’s experience of those problems and the stress you are already experiencing. I know we can come off as a bit brusque at times but I want to assure you that we do want you to be successful with our software and we’ll do what we can to help you overcome any obstacles that you come up against. Carrie Chief Architect Technical Support
  6. Hi Joe, If you are still seeing a problem with the Trey Ceilings feature, please send your plan to Technical Support so we can further investigate. Here's the update notes you were looking for: Carrie