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  1. This is a drop-in bath with a built-up tile surround done with a poly solid
  2. Looks like you have the wall type set with a brick ledge and a horizontal offset
  3. Thanks for your replies. All windows A,B and C have the same properties and are setup to have exterior sills and interior sills and aprons In the plan that I posted the window units are not blocked and in plan view all the windows looks OK. When window B is "Not Blocked" in 3D view the exterior sills on window B and C are not showing/missing and the interior sill and apron on window A is missing When the three units in window B are "Blocked", in plan view window B extends beyond window A and does not look right in plan view. When the three units in window B are "Blocked", in 3D view the exterior sills appear on all windows as they should, but on window Aand B the interior sill and apron are missing Hope this clarifies the problem. I have spent hours trying to get it right but with no joy. I would have thought that as all the windows are the same windows A,B and C should be able to be blocked together.
  4. Attached is the plan for a remodel/alteration to a villa which I have done. I have had trouble getting the bay window W3, circled in red to look right. The bay window is made up of individual windows, all are a copy of one so the properties are the same except for the opening sashes In plan view it looks OK In 3D/overview the interior sill and apron is missing on window A and the exterior sills are missing on windows B and C. When window B units are blocked/mulled together it extends one end and is not right in plan view In 3D/overview the interior sill and apron is missing on windows A and B and the exterior sills are on all windows. How do you get the box window unit to look correct in plan and 3D view Any help would be appreciated Glover Proposed 061114.plan
  5. Titles are best kept simple, like -"The Dogs Body"
  6. I totally agree with dishall. I have and use many different annosets for site, floor plans, cross sections and CAD details etc. When detailing the various plans It would be simplier to select the layerset and then select the annoset requied This would eliminate the need to have; for example - site plan 1:100, drainage plan 1:100, floor plan set 1:100, roof plan set 1:100, steel plan set 1:100, electrical set 1:100 and so on. In total I have 11 annosets for just the 1:100 scale not to mention the other scales