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  1. JohnWB

    Elevation lines not showing properly

    Hi just worked it out!! in the send to layout box under camera view options I have now checked plot lines where before it was live view, this has fixed it. Not sure if this is something that has changed in the setup in X9 or not as I haven't noticed it before. So all good now Regards John
  2. JohnWB

    Elevation lines not showing properly

    Hi Robert it is like that when you do the elevation off the floor plan, I have noticed that sometimes it is like that but when you send them to the layout they are usually right. So should I send the entire plan file or the layout file Thanks for your help John
  3. JohnWB

    Elevation lines not showing properly

    Hi Robert & Joey as Robert noticed it is the bottom right elevation hasn't got the brick pattern showing properly
  4. Hi not sure if anyone has come across this before where an elevation is not showing the lines correctly (in this case brick lines) Thanks in advance John elevation issue.pdf
  5. JohnWB

    x9 problem with older plans rendering

    Thanks Glenn perfect.
  6. Hi all just wondered if anyone has had a problem bringing an older version plan into X9 & not being able to generate a camera rendered image. This plan comes up with the orthographic view. Any help will be appreciated
  7. JohnWB

    Bifold External Stacking Door

    Thankyou Brian that will help hopefully Chief will organise a suitable option in the programme sooner rather than later as these type of doors are becomomg much more common in the Southern Hemisphere
  8. Hi everyone in Australia some people use a large bifold stackable door lets say 5000 wide with around 6 or 7 panels to access their outdoor living areas. Is there a way or a work around to show these on a plan & elevation Thanks for your help John