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  1. I have Chief X12 on (3) computers; work desktop, home desktop, and laptop. I placed my library files on the cloud, so that all computers were pulling from the same place. I recently had my laptop serviced and windows was reloaded, which meant Chief had to be reinstalled. I told my bother I would do it, but I think he thought he'd help me out and he reinstalled Chief. Since then, the majority of my library files are missing. As in, almost none of the previous catalogs I downloaded are showing as folders in my library. When I went to my Dropbox to ensure they were still there, I see this 'error' at the end of every file. Additionally, I downloaded the catalogs via software assurance, which I no longer have. Hoping I do not have to purchase all of the catalogs, being I did have the assurance program for 3 of the last 4 years. Any ideas or help is appreciated!
  2. This is a new problem. My brother did upgrade my laptop and reinstall windows, and also reinstalled Chief. I guess it has been since then, but it has been on all 3 of the devices I have Chief loaded onto. Thanks, Anna
  3. Hello everyone, My library browser shows all of my folders, subfoldrs, and items, but when I try to access the library from the box spefication tool, say to change a material or to add a fill, I get the list of folders but they are not selectable and not sub folders show (no arrows to open the folder, etc). See attached image. Additionally, it shows some sub folders for some specificati box items and not for others - when I go to Open Dialog Box>Materials>Select New Material my manufacturer and user library sub folders show and are selectable. When I go to Fill Pattern>Library> all folders show but not subfolder and they do not open. I do use dropbox, and have my libraries saved in dropbox so that I can access from my multiple computers. I'm assuming the issue has something to do with this.
  4. Acer, can you point me to where to learn how to manually build the eaves?
  5. I don't know if I should be happy to sad that this is not just me - happy I'm not an idiot and can't figure it out - sad because there is no easy fix for it. Ugh....
  6. Yes, I had tried removing the exterior casing of the storm door but keeping it for the main door, thinking that the doubling up of it was the reason it was cutting back/recessed. Knew if I came to this group they would have an answer for me quicker than I could find it!
  7. This did the trick! Thank you! Knew it would be something easy. Any idea why?
  8. Hello C.A. Network! I have added two doors to the same opening to provide a storm door. The exterior casing of the storm door is cutting into the siding and showing the sheathing. I tried messing with a few settings, no luck. Flemming_Exterior_Bid
  9. I finally had time to circle back to this issue. The article that Renerabbit provided had the answer! Thank you! It is as simple as adding a Living Area macro text box. Thank you to everyone who took time to help look into this issue for me! Best, Anna
  10. Hello, I would like to change the name of the molding profile extrusions library items so that the room schedule can be accurately read by our trades people and suppliers. I can't seem to find how to do this,nor am I able to right-click and rename from the library browser. I'd assume there would be a way to do this... Thank you for your time and assistance, Anna
  11. I spoke too soon, I"m still having issues. I deleted my foundation, build new blank foundation plan and copied in place your plan. I now have the LIVING AREA label, but no area total. It must be a weird setting I have in my plans.... Also, I initially had one wall for my foundation furred out walls, but that had issues when in 3D views. Anyhow...I'll have to circle back to this later, or try the having the foundation on level 1. Thanks, Anna
  12. Thank you everyone! While you all had good ideas to verify, looks like this was the trick. I just recently started using furred walls, which is about when I started having this living area problem. I didn't connect the two. Thank you very much for all of your input and work! Anna
  13. Hello, My Living Area for the entire floor is not showing for level 0, nor will the Plan Check bring it back. Any ideas? Rhode Island_CD
  14. Mick, I am having this same issue. When I go through your steps, X10 does not show up. Any ideas? Thank you,