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  1. Great videos, I actually watch this and used your method to create the gable and shed dormers shown in the posted pictures. The 2nd floor generates a platform which I am trying to avoid so the framing will work out later. The open below creates the look but the framing will be off (see picture). If the bottom room was the same size I could just increase the ceiling height. Not sure if I would need to create two rooms on the first floor. The dividing wall maybe becomes a pony wall it is invisible below and drywalled wall above? Are there other ways the open below/Tall room look without creating
  2. Hello, I want to create a Nantucket style dormers over a multiple pitch roof. The house is a single story layout but the living room will be extended ceiling height by using a Nantucket style dormer. The living room crosses the main roof ridge so only part of the room will have the higher ceiling. I have experimented creating manual dormer different ways. If I add a 2nd floor then I get a platform created which I want to avoid. Would I just create attic walls and cut a hole in the ceiling below? Look for the best method to create this layout. Thanks
  3. Curt, Thanks for file and cleanup. How did you create the full returns? My first question is a design question of how to change the valley in orange so the water run off on the lower roof. Currently the valley exist right at the corner of the house. The only thing I came up with so far is to add a second roof at a different pitch like the picture show. Other options would change the layout which we want to keep.
  4. Hello, I am looking for some advise on how to improve the intersecting roofs which will overlap gable roof onto the hip roof so water avoid the corner on an addition project for myself. In the "elevation" picture, the hip roof to left is existing roof that will be extended to insect the new addition gable roof to the right. We like floor plan layout and ceiling heights but having trouble getting the roof line correct. I have attached the plan file and some snapshots. Second question: How would I create the roofline extension like the attached "roof line" photo? Than