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  1. 2wheeltodd

    Contemporary prairie style

  2. 2wheeltodd


  3. 2wheeltodd


    Very nice architecture and render
  4. 2wheeltodd

    Shingle Style

    Shingle style lake house concept
  5. 2wheeltodd

    Butterfly roof

  6. 2wheeltodd

    drafting duplex

    In New York State you are only required to have a (1) hour fire rated wall between a two family (duplex). This is possible with a single stud wall with specific drywall at each side. Different areas have different requirements, but it's pretty economical here. You can reference R302.3 in the 2015 IRC and UL Design U305. This meets the code here in Upstate NY.
  7. 2wheeltodd

    Electrical Panel Location ?

    Sec. 110-26 of the National Electrical Code (NEC): 1) at least a 3-ft clearance in front of all electrical equipment; 2) a 30 in.-wide working space in front of equipment operating at 600V or less; and 3) minimum headroom clearance of 6 ft or the height of the equipment, whichever is greater.
  8. 2wheeltodd

    Not sure how to proceed with rest of roof

    Is something like this what you're looking to do?
  9. 2wheeltodd

    Freize Boards or Moldings in X10 - problems?

    Very nice work I have to say.
  10. 2wheeltodd


    Panel, panel, panel
  11. 2wheeltodd

    Mulled together window

    Such a great tip, this is going to save so many steps and so much time.
  12. 2wheeltodd

    Gable roof corner return

    Select the roof plane and check the flush eave box (X9) to see if you get the desired effect.
  13. 2wheeltodd

    roof help

    Select the roof planes In the options tab deselect flush eave and check boxed eave and adjust the length to the desired effect.
  14. 2wheeltodd

    How Would You Go About Producing This Cladding?

    I have total control with Material Regions.