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  1. KenL-sdd's post in X12 Cross Section missing Deck Framing, Posts, and Concrete Footings was marked as the answer   
    You may need to reframe the front porch. Posting your plan would help us to help you.
  2. KenL-sdd's post in Covered Porch wall issue. was marked as the answer   
    Easy. Go to to thefix.plan atiic level and turn on attic walls. Pull the house walls out to edge of porch.
  3. KenL-sdd's post in X12 Problem with Elevation Manual Dimension to Studs Surface was marked as the answer   
    You will need to use a section camera. The wall elevation and back clipped cross sections are going to give you to the drywall.
  4. KenL-sdd's post in Slow plan suggestions? was marked as the answer   
    I believe the issue is the plan size due to the Cad Details. Your plan file is 326 meg as you posted it. Deleting the cad details it becomes 82 meg.
    Since all of your cad details are lines and pictures, you may consider having them in a separate file.
  5. KenL-sdd's post in Dividing a line equally into 4 parts was marked as the answer   
    There in no need to add that extra step. Draw line at one end use multiple copy using 5 copies. That will give you your spacing.
  6. KenL-sdd's post in Why does my wall disappear? was marked as the answer   
    I went thru the plan you posted. There are many issues causing the problem. The 1st floor wall does not align with the wall above and you are not using the same pony wall at that area at the foundation. I attached a picture of that area. I have been where you are in the learning curve. While the people in ChiefTalk help it can not replace training. I fought Chief for way to long then finally took classes. Now I run Chief instead of it beating me like a drum.

  7. KenL-sdd's post in Leaving X7 Back To X6 was marked as the answer   
    To All users:
    Chief has fixed the slowness issue with the last patch.   A BIG THANK YOU!!!    
    I was wrong. I used a stripped plan in X6 and the full plan in X7 for the comparison by mistake. When using the same plans the results were equal.
    Doug Park was correct that the slowness in my posted video is fixed.
    Staying with X7!!!
    Somebody want to mark this as best answer or solved.
  8. KenL-sdd's post in About Rake Walls And Floor Plans was marked as the answer   
    Copy the wall up one level and delete the original should work.
  9. KenL-sdd's post in Floor Cut Under Some Doorways... was marked as the answer   
    Under the room specification, make both mono slab foundation. Then both floors are the same and fixes the issue.

  10. KenL-sdd's post in How To Rise Exterior Walls was marked as the answer   
    Select the roofs. Use the transform/replicate tool. Select the move checkbox. Enter the distince in the "Z" box. Then "OK" Button.
    Good Luck