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  1. To get a superscript 2 for m², press and hold ALT while typing 253 on the keyboard number pad. For superscript 3, it's ALT-179
  2. I'd send whatever you wish to print to layout, size it to fill the page unless you need it scaled and then print that page from layout.
  3. In the library, there are scads of CAD Blocks and Details in the Chief Architect Core Catalogs and Chief Architect Bonus Catalogs. Edit to meet your needs.
  4. This is awesome! I know I will be able to use this feature. Playing around with it, I found that "Arc Centerd and Ends" do not need to be on.
  5. Not an issue with X11 (not sure which version you all are using). My preferences are set to "Last Folder". I tried it many different ways with .layout and .plan files. I opened files from a Windows Explorer folder and the CA Startup Options splash screen - all prompt to "Save As" in the folder from which it was opened, as expected. Sorry, subject says X14....
  6. Couldn't you Build Roof Planes and Retain Manually Drawn Roof Planes?
  7. My "Like New (Refurbished)" Dell purchased September 2016 ($719.00 out the door - those were the days, eh?) is still plugging along. The only upgrades I've done to it is a Samsung 960 EVO NVMe PCIe 500GB SSD and an EVGA GeForce GTX 1650 Super 4GB. I know, time for a new PC!
  8. Check your roof planes at that location.
  9. Rats! No "conditioned schedule" in X11
  10. Hmm?? Scroll Bars can be on or off in CA (View> Scrollbars) but I don't see where you can change their size like you can change the Tool Bar button size.
  11. I suggest that you zoom in and out by "scrolling" with the mouse wheel and depress the mouse wheel to pan around your plan. You'll never use scroll bars again.
  12. I located some Border Layouts of various sizes that you can begin with instead of building it from scratch.
  13. I have followed several threads that refer to toolbar issues. Just my 2 cents - I only use a single monitor and have only had one little issue a long, long time ago but I remember it was a real pain to get my custom toolbars back and have never had an issue since. Well just last week, I lost ALL toobars! Very strange and I speculate what caused it was that I uninstalled some little Windows utility plugin that I didn't care for. Well to quickly correct this issue, I simply renamed the CA Toolbars folder to Toolbars.old and then restored the Toolbars folder from my weekly backup and all toolbars are back.
  14. Like a PDF file viewer on an Android phone or tablet?
  15. The ZIP panel itself is 7/16" thick and eliminates the need for building/house wrap.
  16. I think the ZIP system panels replace the OSB, both of which are 7/16" thick. I have used ZIP panels on homes but have not set it up in Chief. ZIP System® Wall Sheathing | Huber Engineered Woods (
  17. Ha! I almost typed that very same sentence.
  18. I concur. Just had this conversation from a 'young' architect not long ago.
  19. 25 or 2S? I am still using an old Dell wired model and think I am ready for an upgrade....
  20. Yes, with a plan footprint to move around, but there are many ways to do what you are wanting to do. Also, keep in mind that the plat and/or local codes or ordinances will dictate the actual setbacks. Please update your signature to indicate your Chief Architect version.
  21. A quick internet search for "chief architect insert macro" yields the link below.... Creating and Using Layout Templates (