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  1. solver

    New computer transfer CA program woes

    Do you have the installation file for the older versions? If so, you should be able to install them, than copy your data files as needed. And I'm running Office 2003 without issue.
  2. solver

    New computer transfer CA program woes

    What sort of problems? How are you transferring? Have you checked the Knowledge Base -- I believe there is an article on doing this.
  3. You may delete this thread via Moderator Actions near the top of the page.
  4. solver

    Stairwell Issues

    Fix the railing default. Use Edit Area to copy the 2nd floor. Build>Floor>Delete Current Floor to delete the 2nd floor. Build a new blank 2nd floor. Paste/Hold Position to replace the 2nd floor. House2 (eric).zip
  5. solver

    Stairwell Issues

    For the problem room -- open it and set everything back to default on the Structure Panel. And ... Stairs work fine when placed elsewhere. Drawn where you show them the railing builds incorrectly. It looks like a normal interior wall but there is a railing inside.
  6. solver

    Foundation/Wall detail - Conc Skirt

    I missed a setting.
  7. Similar question asked within the last week. A bit of searching should reveal it.
  8. Welcome It's helpful to know what software you are using as it changes from version to version. It helps others to have this info in your signature so it's always available. Please see this topic for a signature how to.
  9. solver

    Foundation/Wall detail - Conc Skirt

    That's a pony wall. Room Divider on the bottom. I'm sure there will be foundation problems ...
  10. solver

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    Why is this being discussed in an X12 new features thread? Why not start a new topic?
  11. solver

    Shelf ceiling - how to finish edge?

    Good call Steve. Don't know why people monkey with these settings. Specifically, check that the wall used to define the shelf ceiling room is set to display. I typically use a Room Divider that's on the Walls, Room Divider layer.
  12. solver

    Shelf ceiling - how to finish edge?

    I've never see that problem. This is what I always get. Maybe post the plan?
  13. solver

    Orthographic Floor Overview won't match Plan

    Why use the Orthographic Floor Overview instead of the Perspective Floor Overview? The speakers might have a CAD Block problem. Attaching the plan file (close Chief first) might help with best suggestions.