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  1. This is not what you want?
  2. Please check your messages -- envelope icon top of page. Did you try Fill Window Building Only?
  3. You cannot. Please make a suggestion. You might add the Tape Measure tool to your toolbar.
  4. When asking about roofs, it's always important to say if you are using auto or manual roof planes, and attaching a plan file will give others something to troubleshoot instead of making guesses.
  5. You have found the forum for the Chief Architect branded products. Home Designer users have their own forum, HomeTalk, where you will find suggestions based on your software.
  6. Please check your messages. Everyone here appreciates it when new members complete their signature with some basic info. Makes it easy to locate and always available. And as Ryan suggested, please delete your comment above (3 dots on the right) and start a new topic. Thanks
  7. Did you search Help for something like flush eave?
  8. Check walls for No Room Definition.
  9. Did you do any searching for CURVED ROOF?
  10. One I did a few years ago. Used 3 floors. Thanks Glenn. I knew that tool existed, just could not remember where to find it ...
  11. The opening may be made with a doorway and a pass through. Mull to get casing. Mine doesn't look too good because I did not add the frame and jamb -- probably need to use a molding.
  12. Please check your messages -- envelope icon top of page.
  13. Please post images directly -- no need to make a PDF of an image. This makes it easier for others as an image shows in the forum. Make an 8 sided pyramid, trace the outline, convert to a Polyline Solid. If you don't see anything in the library, I have a couple of videos that may give you some ideas. Where does it go? Drop in in plan, set its height and center over the gazebo.