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  1. solver

    Windows treatment adjustment, resizing

    Change the symbol sizing.
  2. solver

    TSB, LLC

    Your files do not change until you open and save them with X12. Just as you did in X10.
  3. solver

    Balcony issues...

    I'd use that wall type for deck railings and fences. Any wall type can be used as a railing, so here I've used your Stucco-6 wall used on the house, and made it 12" thick.
  4. solver

    Curved Window/Wrought Iron

    Don't really understand what you are trying to do, but here is an idea. I took your image above, tried to make it have a transparent background, made a material from the image, applied it as the glass material for a curved window, then made a symbol of it. Position the symbol in your window.
  5. solver

    Macro ir Ruby

    Thanks Michael. I added the following code to the function -- anyone see any problems with this? It now works in X12 and X11 and keeps the call cleaner. if number.is_a? Float else number=number.to_f end
  6. solver

    Line Drawing Rendering of Plan Views

    Something like this?
  7. solver

    Macro ir Ruby

    Updated to work in X11 and X12. hw.txt Watch on YouTube:
  8. Watch on YouTube:
  9. You should not need to make them attic walls. Why is this your only option?
  10. Place the stairs, create the opening, adjust the stairs, add the landing, adjust the opening.
  11. solver


    What's preventing you?
  12. solver

    Moving objects to different plan view

    Please post questions in Q&A. Tips & Techniques is where you share your tips and techniques.
  13. solver

    Why can't I delete the Invisible (Room divider) wall?

    It is an island room -- I called it orphan, so what Tommy said.
  14. solver

    Why can't I delete the Invisible (Room divider) wall?

    Is that Chief connecting to an orphan room?
  15. solver

    Porch Floors

    Try increasing the thickness of the wall.