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  1. Super, Thank you for all your help.
  2. Hi KA, was working on that in the showroom earlier. I will redo here on my personal computer a bit later. Thanks for taking king the time to look into this. Pamela
  3. Thank you Kbird1, very informative post.
  4. Rod, something to think about, Caustics turned off, materials adjusted etc. have never seen this before. Slowly desolving . My suspected , uneducated guess is that they are back layering and to the pendant in the dressing room which has highly reflective elements, crystal fobs etc. and the sconces are adjacent to the reflective quality of the adjacent windows.
  5. Sorry for the delayed reply, Alaskan Son. No the cabinets are not floating I recessed the toe kick back to 7" and it seems to have worked, along with all the other adjustments, Thank you for your suggestions... but perhaps in X12 the program will allow for more varied applications of Rope Lighting :-)
  6. So turned off photon mapping and caustic's, and every possible configuration , adjusted the property of all materials possible. While the recessed kick space lighting is behaving, the moody feel of the first image is lost. Rear lite vanity mirrors etc...
  7. Thanks Rob, I have been futzing with it to no end. I changed the door style and hardware, a bit of an improvement but.... pulled a section and adjusted increments off the floor by 1/16th... still not getting good results. urrrrgh! Will keep at it and post the final formula that worked. :-)
  8. Hi all, I can not eliminate the "Rope Light Bleep" coming thru the cabinet frame and around the door hardware. Any suggestions? I have adjusted the lights lowered the lumens etc. This is never a problem with standard wall cabinets so not sure what I am doing wrong here. Thanks Pamela Mellon Design Studio LTD.
  9. X11 crashes when placing imported models for specific lighting fixtures ( mostly) and materials. Not often, but enough to keep me mindful to save save save files in the progress.
  10. Finding that the Rope Light option bleeds( casts rings of light) from what appears to be an open end of the fixture, no matter which way it is positioned when placed for in cabinet lighting, or how the light specs are set up. From cabinet to cabinet, and to the adjacent wall where a cabinet is placed, However finding that when Rope Light is present those little bugger Puck Lights /positions to where you place it. Seems to be behaving better,
  11. And duh, Never looked down in the SD. Thank you for being so gracious! Long week!
  12. Will try. Thank you. Using X11 Interiors.
  13. Fantastic upgrades in X11 for those of us in the K&B sphere. The new glass shower & glass pony wall are great, no more cutting into the abutting sub structure, PERFECT! , The butting of a full glass wall to a pony wall is SPOT ON! However in plan the Pony Wall upgrade is not indicating the outline of the lower wall.Easily done in CAD lines, but perhaps I am missing something, preferences, define etc. And as an aside I will take the "Rope Lighting" option (another great update) over those Puck Lights that snap to random objects and surfaces any day. Like herding cats Great Job with X11 to the team
  14. Adjust your Light Sets" see what you have them set at. 8, 10, etc. All might not be "turned" on plus your graphics card and driver may need to be updated to carry greater input when rendering. There is a great training video on this. Also reflection on the floor is adjusted in the Materials Properties tool. Flooring may be set @ polished.