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  1. Are you redoing the dimensions -- clicking the Auto Exterior Dimensions tool? They do not update automatically when you make changes to the defaults. Attach a simple plan file -- just four walls and an interior wall with auto exterior dimensions applied if you are still having problems.
  2. Take another look at these settings. Your answer is there. Attach an image of your settings if yours do not work.
  3. I made no changes, just drew in the 3 walls to define a deck. Are you seeing something different?
  4. No need to set Sizing as the behavior does not change. These are so simple and quick to draw I'll usually draw in elevation and in position. Only save if I foresee reuse.
  5. Chief may not have the smarts to trim a panel where it intersects a roof. I'd make the railing look as you want without using panels, then add the glass manually.
  6. Could you attach a screen capture or two showing the problem?
  7. Thanks everyone. I think I can show what I want, but will be making a suggestion. All these gyrations should be built in.
  8. I need a visual. trying to eliminate this. Using a face frame cabinet with left and right stiles set to 0" I get this, but the separations are still wrong.
  9. Helping some friends visualize a closet system they will have custom built for their new home. I'm trying to model a frameless cabinet using 5/8" material for the box. Cannot find anywhere to change this. I want to show edgebanding, not a 3/4" thick face frame like Chief seems to use. Cannot find anywhere to set this. Are these things possible? If so, how?
  10. @APTArchitect @Heather_Anderson Older thread but for the searchers ...
  11. I would set the small rooms created by the walls to not have a floor and draw in the floor and footing manually. Chief isn't very good at foundations under small rooms like this. This will make the corners build OK, but not the ones between the doors.
  12. No, it's the output of the %object_properties% macro shown in the Rich Text Specification dialog to the right. The length attached to the leader line above is a text box using the %length% macro to get the length from the line object.
  13. The simple way is to draw in your own slab.
  14. For walls you do not want to see, I'd make a new layer, maybe Walls, Dormer Cheek, place the walls on that layer and then turn that layer off. You can also move those side walls to the Attic after exploding the Auto Dormer.
  15. Look at the profile Keven is showing. It includes the flat and the molding. You could also draw them separately, align them, then add to the library as a Stacked Molding. What Kevin is suggesting is exactly what I show above. And you only need to draw moldings if a match is not in the library.
  16. Why not just draw the plan that way to start? Why is it inevitable? You have complete control of the location of everything in the plan.
  17. Are you trying to get better at using Chief? There are multiple ways of doing this, using a soffit, a molding polyline, or adding the proper molding to the window so it is automatic when the window is placed. I grabbed a molding I already had and applied it to this mulled window as a lintel. Chief has videos I'm sure on this, and I have some on moldings in general on my YouTube channel as well.