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  1. It works now, Thank you Joe.
  2. %drawing_units%%stair_Label_All_Sections% doesn't make any difference.
  3. Thank you for the email, I am doing something wrong with the "stair label all sections" macro as I only get section Number only. Do you know what i am doing wrong.
  4. Hi Joe, could you please let me know if you recieved the PayPal payment. thank you
  5. I send the money to your account. Here is my email "hbavaghar@me.com".
  6. Do they run on X12 ver., if so then please send me your info for making payment. thank you
  7. Thats exactly what I like to do, I could do something similar for a single section stairs but not for multi sections. What is the price for your custom macro?
  8. When the object property macro is used on a multi section stairs, only properties of one section get displayed. Is there an easy way to get properties for all section/landings.
  9. Thank you for your inputs (Dermont and A.S) I know what I was doing wrong before and now everything works perfectly.
  10. Some of my Macos gives error msg after upgrading to X12. Does anybody the reason?