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  1. Set your left and right walls of the washroom as siding-4/6, and then hit the reverse layer button so the siding is on the outside. Set the two rooms on either side of the bathroom to "attic".
  2. Outline the walls above with invisible walls. This will create a room within the kitchen. Open up the room spec dbx for that newly created room and then drop down the ceiling height. Once the ceiling height is corrected, you can delete those invisible walls. See below:
  3. I'm sure that's probably not the best way to achieve it (or even the right way), but that's the first thing that came to mind. Either way, glad I could help
  4. NP. Let me know if you need me to post the plan (I started a blank one).
  5. Half-height and full-height walls as well as p/l solids.
  6. A bit of a challenge, but here's my attempt:
  7. If you want to raise you're entire first floor, go to your second floor and then go to your default floor heights in the default settings dbx (edit>default settings>floor). In that section, "ceiling below" will be your first floor ceiling height. Adjusting that height will effectively adjust the entire first floor ceiling height.
  8. What I would do in this situation is select the garage roof planes and then Ctrl+C and then rebuild all roof planes. Once you have the house the way you want it, delete the new garage roof planes and then do a ctrl+alt+v. This will effectively paste your old (4/12) roof planes back on top of your garage.
  9. Floor heights have always been a headache for me. However, I think in your case, the solution is simple. If you go down to your foundation level, you'll notice that your foundation is just one big room. So when you adjust the floor heights, it's adjusting everything. If you outline the garage walls with the foundation below, this should solve your problem. Going forward, I think if you assign the room definition before you build your foundation, or have autobuild on, it'll automatically add those walls for you.
  10. While in a floor plan, hit Shift+J, draw a line from where you want your perspective to be, then click on the camera icon (see below). Please realize there are a multitude of options within the rendering options screen that can vastly improve/worsen your renders. I'd suggest reading up on the advanced options.
  11. I have no idea how he ended up with two ceiling heights in the garage. Very interesting. Also, to fix the initial issue without removing the roof/ceiling in the garage, you can also outline the walls above with the "room divider" tool. Once the new room is created, you can adjust your ceiling height to match the other part of the garage, then delete the room divider lines.
  12. That's very strange. I also opened it in X8 and didn't receive any errors. I simply opened up the room specification menu, removed roof and ceiling, clicked okay and everything appeared to be fine.
  13. This should solve your issue:
  14. Is there a reason you're manually drawing the roof planes instead of letting the program auto generate it? When manually drawing the roof plane, is your starting point the exterior of the wall? If it is, there should be no reason why it's generating the planes lower like in your attachment.
  15. Glad I could assist you. Enjoy
  16. When trying to create custom roofs, I always find it helpful using the roof baseline polyline tool. I fooled around with your room heights to achieve what I think you were trying to do. See attached. Garner_9688 SE Sharon St_New Plan_High Patios.plan
  17. Not a problem. Glad we could help!
  18. I think that computer will be more than enough Solid choice. Congrats on the purchase.
  19. Try drawing the polyline, converting it to a hole, saving the plan and then posting the plan file here. I'm interested to see exactly what's going on. Here's a recording of how I acheived it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8ez15v91tDmZUlvWkxQQ1JoUmM/view?usp=sharing
  20. Go to your foundation level, and open up your room specification dialogue box for the stairwell. Once there, select structure and then change your ceiling height to "-4". I'm suspecting yours is probably "4".
  21. If you draw a polyline rectange and outline the opening, you can convert the rectangle to a terrain feature. Once converted, open up the properties and change it to a "hole in terrain". As for the walls being invisible, are you referring to them not being seen in the floor plan? If so, that's just your visibility settings.