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  1. Agreed. I'll use the cross-section view for that room. Mainly wanting if for window information/detail and was surprised that the window/fireplace didn't show in the wall camera but does show up in the cross-section. It just seems odd that it doesn't work similarly in both views. Thanks everyone.
  2. Hello all, I have a problem in "wall view" mode with a window not showing, while others are and a fireplace not appearing. They are turned on in display options. The do show in cross sections views. Attached are some pics. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ok. I figured it out thanks to the input here. I tried changing the Layout scale from 1 = 1 to 1/4 = 1 and that wasn't a good move messed up several things. I then went to the plan mode Drawing Sheet Setup and there it was 1/4" - 2. Switched the 2 to 1 and now works fine. (Not sure what I did that it set to 2) Thank you! Bret
  4. Mine is set at 1 to 1. I don't think I changed that at any time.
  5. Did that once, didn't see it. Double checked and it was the ceiling break line. Thank you.
  6. The text works fine in a default template but the scale still shows at 2'. I check with another plan and it shows at 1'. Somewhere along the line I must have switched something and it's stuck there.
  7. Hello, I've been a long time user of Chief Architect but there some things I don't know, that I should, like the dashed line in the picture. I assume it's a bearing line? I can't seem to find out how to turn it on or off as I don't want it showing in the roof layout. Thank you.
  8. A couple of questions regarding layout. 1) In the image below, every time I insert text, the text box shows large, extremely large. Not sure how to change that. 2) Anytime I send a plan to the layout when sending it, the scale is always 1/4 = 2 so I always have to change the 2 to 1 for it to scale as I need it. How do I default the 2 to a 1? Tried to figure it out and couldn't.
  9. Thank you Mark. I did see that the rail was checked and made it a wall shortly after David's video. I wound up rebuilding the entire foundation and seems to be working so far. Thank you for your input.
  10. David, Thank you so much! Huge help! Was pulling my hair out on that fireplace wall. I agree with your roof ridgeline (additional valley) comment and the reason why it is that way is that I pulled the wall to the right of the front door further forward than the existing home wall to accommodate the staircase to the attic/room above the garage. I've watched several of your videos on youtube in the past. Thank you again for your help and response. Now to see if I can get the foundation heights fixed without pulling more hair out! Bret
  11. Hello, Not sure if I'm in the correct area for this question but I am having several issues on a plan where I have an existing home adding an addition. (Plan Attached) Problem 1) The existing house foundation wall height is 85" with 2X10 floor joists. The addition's foundation is 96" wall height with 18" Floor Truss. The plan is for the main floor to match in height. That means the addition foundation will sit lower than the existing. My problem is when I click on the foundation the heights aren't doing what I need them to do so the foundation plans in elevation view do
  12. I'll look at that. Thank you. That actually makes sense to extend those walls at the stairs. Thanks!
  13. That is interesting. I wonder if it's how your personal defaults are set up? You're double clicking in the room where you open the room spec? What interesting is where the ceiling raises in the kitchen elevation is actually attic space and over the dining area the height is correct. Should be 9'1 1/8". Very interesting.