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  1. morkas

    Truss Schedule

    I can see when I open the truss detail that I get an image of the truss and the label showing the truss number, but what about the actual dimensions? Please don't tell me that it's as easy as something unchecked in my layers. I've been searching and watching videos all day. :/
  2. I am creating my layout pages to get ready to send to engineering. Being as that I am new to this, I make several attempts before I decide exactly how I want the page to appear. With each new view that I send to the layout page, there is a running count label created (elevation 13, 14, 15...). I want to remove and/or rename the label depending on the view. I searched this forum and have found people talking about manual labeling. I'm sure it is right in front of me, but for the life of me, I can;t figure out how to do it! Please help.
  3. morkas

    Any way to redefine ceiling outlets?

    Jerry to the rescue again. Thanks guys! I am eager to explore the "whole new world" that you speak of Chopsaw, and fully intend on some training next year. Unfortunately, I need to finish this project within a few short weeks to be ready for an engineer's approval and it is becoming clearer by the day how much I do not know. I hope to look back on this time someday and smile at what little knowledge I once had, but for now it's just frustrating. Luckily, everyone I have run into on this forum has been very giving of themselves and their knowledge. Thanks again!
  4. morkas

    Any way to redefine ceiling outlets?

    Please forgive my ignorance. It's probably right in front of me, but I do not see an "options" tab in the DBX for the outlet. Listed are General, Layer, Materials, and Label. There are Options under the General tab (Reverse Symbol, Include in Schedule), but I see nowhere where I can change the outlet from a wall mount to a ceiling mount to create what you have created in your thumbnail. I'm sorry, but I'm pretty new at doing anything more than designing a pretty looking (but not mechanically functional) house on the default layer. We all have to start somewhere.
  5. morkas

    Any way to redefine ceiling outlets?

    Thanks for the info. I agree that a weatherproof outlet should not be required, but honestly I don't know what the code is and sometimes it can be a bit quirky. This does beg another question... is there a way to ignore an error in the plan check just as you can in spell check in MS Word?
  6. I have placed several outlets in the ceiling of my covered porch for Christmas lighting and the like. I would like them to be defined as weatherproof; however, the only option for ceiling outlets as far as I can see are regular duplex outlets. I do see where I can change the label, but that does nothing to change the actual type. This keeps coming up on my plan check, which I am admittedly a bit obsessed with. Any suggestions? Peace, Teresa
  7. morkas

    Basement Stairwell

    Thanks guys... The problem was with the stairwell itself (with its room specification). You both have been a big help! Jerry, I have read a lot of your posts as you are in the same climate as I. I hope you don't mind if I enlist your help periodically. Thanks to you both.
  8. morkas

    Basement Stairwell

    DavidJames, That solved part of the problem, but why does it add a partial wall on top of the foundation wall (shown here as a concrete wall - I'm guessing about 8" in height, but I don't know because I don't have an actual wall to click on to get a dialog box)? See attached... As per your instruction... It seems to add a short wall on top of the foundation... I have no wall to modify or delete...
  9. morkas

    Basement Stairwell

    Thanks for the Bilco doors. Here's a sample plan derived from the plan I'm working with. SampleRanch1.plan
  10. morkas

    Basement Stairwell

    I am having issues with my basement stairwell. I have studied an earlier post from Aprill11, 2016 (posted by ArtisanDeck and answered by Drawzilla) and I think some of my issue lies with terrain settings, but I'm having other issues as well. I created my stairwell on the foundation level, then created a room above it comprised of invisible walls with no ceiling or roof. I defined the room as "OPEN BELOW". Here are my problems: 1) The walls on the first floor are not entirely invisible. 2) The room is not open to the stairs below (maybe due to my terrain specification). See attached thumbnails. While I'm at it. I have been looking for a Bilco (brand name - don't know what else to call it) door for the stairwell. Does CA have one and I'm just not finding it? Thanks, Teresa
  11. Thank you so much! I had explored this last night, but I guess not extensively enough. I make it a practice to try to exhaust my search through the software, manuals, and forums before I ever ask a question, but sometimes the answer is right in front of you and you don't even see it because you have been looking at it for too long. Thanks Eric and David for gently pointing me in the right direction.
  12. I've been in HDA 2012 and prior until tonight when I upgraded to CAPX8. There will obviously be a learning curve. I must have clicked something while rebuilding my roof because the rafters show in my floor plan view. Please help! I can't work in the file with this distraction.