Missing components in perspective views

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I am new to Chief. I am using X-8.


I am working on my first project using Chief and am running into problems in perspective views.

This is a simple room addition project. When I first input the floor plans into Chief and viewed it

in perspective view everything looked correct except a part of the roof which Tommy help me correct.

Now when I view the plans in perspective view some of the walls, doors and finish floors are not

showing up correctly.


I have attached my plan to this post and have listed the problem areas below. 


The removed wall between the existing bathroom and bathroom addition is showing a framed wall in

the perspective floor and framing overviews.  This was not showing up yesterday.


Door 10 does not show up in the perspective framing overview. It does show up in the perspective floor overview, 

but the studs show up through the door in this view. 


At the end of one of the kitchen walls in perspective view the drywall is missing.


In the entry the wood flooring is missing and only the concrete slab shows.


All of this was showing correctly yesterday. The only thing I have done since then is to add a water heater, FAU

and labeled some existing doors and windows.  


Does anyone know what might be happening to cause this and how to correct it ?





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Firstly rebuild your wall framing to update it. then The removed wall goes away and the exposed studs in the kitchen.

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For things you don't see check to see the correct layers are all turned on in the camera layer-set you are using.

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