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I am trying to find the video explaining how to make a custom railing into a symbol so it can be placed on a wall. I think this was from the user meeting but cannot seem to find anything with numerous searches. I believe there was also a discussion on various ways to accomplish this but obviously I am inept with search engines.

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I'm not familiar with the discussion in question, but…

You should be able to simply draw the railing section in a blank plan, create a 3-D view, and create symbol.

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When creating the Symbol (Convert to Symbol) you should use "Exterior Furnishings" and set the Options to "Hangs on Wall".

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    • By nerdland
      I'm using Home Designer Architectural, so I don't have the ability to make customized moldings and profiles. (as far as I can tell.) This is annoying me quite a bit on railings, because Home Designer doesn't come with VERY basic shape profiles for the railings. Square is generally the default for railings, although this doesn't seem to be consistent. And either way, I don't have a "square" profile to choose from, even though I CAN apply profiles to the railings.

      Are there any resources for Home Designer users to expand their options in this regard?  I got like 3 profiles with the AZEK catalog from the 3D Library, but that's basically all I have. I really just want some VERY basic railing profiles. Square, round, and maybe like a half-circle. Everything else is obviously intended to be used as a molding, and looks ridiculous on railings.

      Also -- is there a way to copy molding/railing profiles I come across, or save them to my library? I can do it with objects and materials, but I don't think I can do this with profiles in Home Designer. This is also annoying, because I've found profiles that I want to steal in example files, but I can't seem to extract them.
    • By SNestor
      Taking the advice I learned on this site...I created a deck railing wall definition which adds a layer to the inside of the deck rail using "opening no material".  This "trick" does offset the deck rail...moving the entire rail, posts and rail together toward the inside of the deck so that the newels don't right on the edge of the deck.  It just looks more realistic. 
      However...this also increases the overall wall width...and "sometimes" I end up with a wall line on the inside.  I don't want this wall line to appear....and on some plans it doesn't.  Is there a way to turn off the wall lines?  I thought it might be a layer setting...but, after some trial and error...I don't think it is.  
      Any help and/or better ideas would be appreciated.
      Here is a plan view of the deck...

      Here is the wall definition...

      Here's the plan...
      Simple Deck with Railing - Wall Line Shows.plan
    • By wrightdzign
      Hi, I would like to know if it's possible have a custom stair rail on curved stairs? 
      if so, How please.
      Chief is very limited on railing. Even when I remove all railing from stair and draw my own then click follow stairs it still looks awkward.  Is it possible to make stairs look like the image below?
      Completely custom.
      Thank you

    • By cjanderson66
      I am sure this is an easy question but I am having a hard time figuring it out.  As you can see from the screen image, I have a stair that continues up to a landing and at the landing it is showing my newels.  I do not want the newels post showing at the top of the landing only at the bottom and the top of the stairs.  Is there a way to do this?  Also, I want the wall below the stairs to align with the wall above but I want it to be continuously solid to the floor above all the way to the post.  I have tried breaking the wall in a section view but that does not seem to work.  One other thing is that the railing is not showing up on the plan view and yes the railing is on in the plan view.  What am I missing?