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Spent all weekend working on adding details to a project - added terrain and landscaping plus cleaned up the file for walkthrough which I recorded and sent to client (thankfully). I even saved the file numerous times thru out the day. Today my file blew up and the message I keep getting is attached below. I went to archives to retrieve the latest file and it's all the way back to Friday which makes no sense to me.


So I saved a copy of the archive file to a new folder to start over. I keep getting the error message about writing preferences when I try to save the new file after making changes. Searched the Chief database and no reference to this message. Don't want to have this happen again. I can probably make the changes pretty quickly because I remember what I did. 


X6 user on Mac. Can upgrade to X7 but don't like to upgrade in middle of project.



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Yes - first thing I did. Strange part was the archive file was one from Friday even though I had saved thru out Saturday and Sunday.


I keep getting the message. Won't let me save any file now. I've sent a message to tech support. Hope to get resolution tomorrow. In meantime any work I do on the plan may get lost. Printing every hour to remind me of what I've done. 

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Kirk I am having the same issue and have a brand new Mac desktop running Yosemite 10.11.3 Any help would be appreciated!

To fix permissions:

- Uninstall Chief:

- In a new 'Finder' window, select 'Go> Applications' from the menu.

- Open the 'Utilities' folder.

- Open the 'Disk Utility' app.

- Select your primary disk from the list on the left.

- Click 'Verify Disk Permissions'.

- When the verification is complete it will either report that everything is OK or it will list all the permission issues that it found.

- To repair any issues it found, click on the 'Repair Disk permissions' button.

- Restart your system, (Apple menu> Restart)

- Reinstall Chief.

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