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  1. Homebuilder & infrequent CA user. Looking for an experienced user to help sketch front porch elevation with cast stone for existing home. I've attached a head of pic of the front elevation of the house, inspiration pic (although my door won't be arched) & a very rough sketch of what I've proposed. I've measured the front porch but not the rest of the house. I have a survey that I've roughed out a floor plan from but there are a lot moving parts on this house and it really doesn't matter. We've settled on replacing the front door with a taller steel unit & separating th
  2. Looks great - so you just used cabinet panels, columns and added them to your elevation?
  3. Good start - I will try that out and see how it looks. Thanks for the help!
  4. Assuming I will need to use polyline solids to create the paneling. Just didn't know if there was a simpler solution. Not your typical exterior finish.
  6. Would like some advice - working on a traditional two story colonial style spec home. The builder wants a paneled entry with pediment roof (no dentil) supported by two columns and recessed front door. Considering an round/arch top entry door with a corresponding arch in the face of the pediment. Market here is moving away from the sleek modern boxes to cozy traditional elevations but with a little less gingerbread. What's best way to accomplish this?
  7. It's definitely not the crosshairs - maybe the image doesn't properly reflect the situation. I've adjusted the margins to no avail. It's showing up as a big purple box outline that prints about 2/3 of the screen. Now I have a bigger issue. Frequently go back and forth between work and home without issue until today. X8 won't open no matter what I do. Deactivated my license at work and X8 won't open at home. Lots of work to do so may have to go back to office tonight. Bummer.
  8. On my drawing sheet a purple box keeps showing up that when I try to save a plan as a pdf it cuts off the page at the bottom of the purple box. I've looked at everything I can think of to get rid of it. I can't select it to delete it. Any suggestions?
  9. 1st I need immediate help with a roof. I'm bogged down in a plan and need to finish asap. This project started out as a spec house and it sold before starting construction. Buyers have changed a few things including the addition of an exercise room in the attic space and I have to get creative with the roof to make the stairs work and have enough head room. City has some serious restrictions that impact my roof options. 2nd I am transitioning from running my own design/build firm in California where in a year I might work on 3-4 plans to moving to Dallas to work for my family's c
  10. OK I just realized I can rotate the view but the room labels are wonky even when I deselect rotate with plan. Any thoughts?
  11. Client brought a set of CAD plans to me to modify. I prefer the front door of the house to be at the bottom of the page as most of my subs are used to that orientation. On this set, the front door is at the top of the page. Everyone has trouble reading the plans. I should have set it up my way from the beginning so now I have an almost complete floor plan that I would love to flip. I know this is different than just reversing the plan or is it?
  12. Have clients who are fed up with their architect and wants to start construction on their house ASAP. There is an odd parking court that essentially you would have to be the best driver in the world to navigate and they have 3 children rapidly approaching the driving age so they realized this is a major mistake. Want to make some modifications to floor plan that will require touching just about everything in the plan set - site, roof, elevations, floor plans, etc. The modifications are not going to take long but the thought of redoing everything that was done in CAD is daunting. A
  13. Actually you were right. I thought I had everything turned on but I didn't. Thanks for the input!
  14. Chops - I tried that but nothing happened.