Can "Build Roof" be used more than once and with different settings (for attic trusses)?


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I'm trying to create attic trusses with heels over a garage, to do that I need to change settings that I can only find when using "build roof" (Roof Height, Trusses check box, and Raise Off Plate/Birdsmouth) How can I change these settings for just above the garage and not my whole building? I can't find a way to use "build roof" on just a section instead of everything. 

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You can manually move just the garage using "Edit Area All Floors" and it should move everything on all floors, just be sure that all the objects and their layers you want to move are checked on when you do so.Be sure and leave out anything you do not want to move out of the marquee select area.



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I think this a very good point/request and it would be great to be able to select an area where tools like roofing works without disturbing anything else. This would be particular useful with multiple buildings on the lot such as garages and guest houses, etc. but also remodels where you are working on one portion of the house but are done and happy with the rest.

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David: How exactly do you use the edit area tool? That seems like it might work but it doesn't do anything but disappear after I make the box and try to edit something. 

Drawzilla: I'm pretty sure the build framing button just builds the framing inside the roof plane, it doesn't really have anything to do with trusses and slope; unless it restores everything back to default when it builds the framing, but I don't think it does.


Unless I find another way, I'm going to build the garage in a separate plan and copy/paste it into the house plan once all the roofs are done.

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