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  1. Very sad but I will have to sell my X8 license. I'm working on some longer term projects where Chief unfortunately is not an option, and I've just received a reminder that my SSA expires in December. I'd rather buy a new license when I'm done with my current commitments than see it devalue for what could be a couple of years. I'm not sure about the value, but since my SSA runs out in December the next version should be $500 if SSA can be transferred or $700 if not. Not sure about license transfer fee nowadays either but it sounds as if anything around $1,500-$1,700 should be a good deal
  2. I've had access to Vive for a little more than a month, but I think it is fair to say that it will take a while before this will be a smooth process. I'm going via 3ds Max to Unreal (which is free for commercial architectural work) via FBX. It is fiddly but the game exporter in Max helps. The Vive is in my view a much better experience than Rift with its room sensors, some of the demos like Everest and the IKEA kitchen shows the potential, but it is difficult to design for movement as the destination space size will likely differ. Being able to walk around a design is amazing though. Some form
  3. I think we should be open to borrow from any program that offers something that makes Chief faster and more productive to use.
  4. Hate to pull the old Revit card, but over there they have a concept of 'phases'. When you draw a wall it is automatically assigned to the phase 'existing' and if you then switch to 'new construction' and draw walls Revit will know that these are new. You can mark walls to be demolished, and they will only show up in views that includes that phase. This way I can work on multiple views/plans in parallel, one existing, one existing with demolish, one new construction with demolish, or just the way it will look as new construction. It is just different view modes so you keep working on your model
  5. And this is the big issue. I realize that we all work differently and I may be particularly sloppy in that I want to measure up a rough building and then start working on ideas for the remodel immediately. One reason for this is that I many times needs to get a feel for what is possible before I take the job (or buy the property). All major disruptions in terms of software tools has in one way or another offered a work paradigm that is not linear. Word processors allowed us to edit text without using Tipex. Non-linear video editing allowed us to put video on hard disks instead of doing rol
  6. I'm somewhat in between, I use Michael's #3 method but I hate the inflexibility and think it is a painful to have to do this for remodels. Chief needs to think this over for the future and implement some form of design option or a way to use mutually exclusive layers (which probably is the same thing).
  7. I find that I almost always want to make my own 2D version of the symbols for plans, so I typically copy them to the user library. Good also if I ever want to find them again.
  8. I had the same concerns about this after using Chief for a while but then was fortunate enough to spend some time with them up in the impossible to spell city. I think this definitely used to be true, they came from very basic origins with a founder that wanted to create his own house plans and then felt the product could be useful for others. It is now a sizeable company though and ambitions have grown. They say Chief Architect reflects at least half of the revenue and most new development is done for Chief and then trickled down after a while. I must agree that there is a concern in that
  9. Most likely you have an issue with your hole in the floor platform above. Did you create a hole with the Auto stairwell tool or used railings? If railings check that they close properly, use an opening instead of a gap, and finally make sure that the room on the second floor is defined as open below.
  10. This is without doubt the best version I've used and ready for the big league. Sure I've had a weird thing happening or two but I'm also pretty sure nvidia drivers are playing tricks. You should see how something like 3ds Max behaves on a bad day.
  11. Like Joey said, I think you've been working in a messed up scale, and accidentally turned on line weight.
  12. So I took a look at it, printed layout page 2 to pdf, and then printed on a 18x12 printer and the red was fine. It is thin but clearly visible. I think in general, if you can see it on the pdf it isn't Chief. Maybe boost the line weight?
  13. Are the lines red in the pdf? How do you print the pdf, via acrobat?