Wall lines showing through exterior in elevation view.


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I can't find out why the walls show through the exterior on either side of the window in the elevation view. I've tried playing with some layer options and didn't find a solution. I'm thinking it's because they occupy the same space because it's doing the same thing with the roof, but the walls automatically snap so it's not like I dragged the interior wall too far into the exterior.



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I think if you go to the rooms at the second floor and DEFAULT THE CEILING HEIGHTS,  this should fix all.


I rarely rarely rarely change the ceiling heights from the default heights.  Maybe you do this to do the auto rebuild roofs,  I do  not auto build roofs.  Point is,  I rarely see this problem,  maybe because I leave the default ceiling heights in place.




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Thanks for the help, I'm still not able to fix it though. I don't think I fully understand what you mean by pulling the exterior wall over. Did you have the 2nd floor exterior wall take the place of the triangular attic walls? I'm still playing around with it and the problem seems to come from either where the 2nd floor exterior wall ends, or where that wall meets an attic wall. Should I not have attic walls the same elevation as non-attic walls? 

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