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Do you have a favorite backdrop image that you find works well for many of your projects?


We are looking to accumulate a variety of examples that we can share with other users as a bonus catalog!

If you would like to contribute any images for consideration as a backdrop, please send your samples to:




We have found that good backdrops typically have a horizon line at about 1/2 the height of the total image. They also need to be a minimum of 1920 pixels wide in order to have enough resolution on screen.



*Any images submitted must be yours to share as owner and author. Please do not share other artists' work that you do not have rights and permission to distribute. Chief Architect may modify images for optimization and purposes and contact you for more information about any submitted images.

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Thanks for the submissions! I think many of these are good, we do often crop or "fix" parts of the images in order for them to work even better as backdrops. However, it appears images attached in the forum are limited to 1200px wide. We need larger resolution images to work better with today's bigger monitors.

Could each of you e-mail your photos to Content@Chiefarchitect.com? I think we will be able to retrieve a better version of the file through e-mail.

Glenn, yes, those look good! The grassy scene may need the tree removed in the foreground, but aside from that, they seem like good candidates!

Thanks again everyone for sharing!

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      I am finding that the catalog backdrops do not seem to be scaled proportionately when viewing a room in full camera view to get a 3D image. My problem is that often items appear huge out the window and what I see in the preview in my library backdrops is not at all what I get when inserted into the image.  I have selected many different backdrops attempting to find one that works making sure to select ones that have far away vistas.  I have included some screen shots to show what I mean.n  These are quick bare bones to demo and no changes have been made to the camera.  It is above the finished floor at the default height.  
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