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Morning !


I have a house that has a unique window trim that I am having trouble replicating in CA.


The side trim is 3/4 x 4 that extends to the top of the 1/2 x 5 lintel additionally there is a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 secondary lintel.


I have tried several methods but am not quite getting it right without having to manually trim each window.


Any Ideas?




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That is very clever!  Great workaround.  Although I think the poster wanted something for the "interior" and shutters only work on the "exterior" right?

Having more control over the casing would be a nice addition to the CA updates, I run into this problem all the time with oddball casing trim.

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Hi Joe,

I did this quickly a few days ago for Dennis Gavin. It's a masonry wall, so it doesn't frame. I used a double wall so that it would look continuous in elevation.

You could get this to frame fairly well with a single wall using a variation of Scott's infamous "bucking window" wall technique; but it might not look as good in elevation on the outside.

This method allows the windows to be copied/pasted, and resized easily, and the window pair can be saved to the libray'






Dennis Gavin's window.plan

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