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  1. Thanks Mick - I will give that a try too. On another note - While creating a second concept - Using the orig. Entry plan and just renaming it - I created a slightly different deck and now (2) planks are missing ! If you look closely under the Bar Stools - It looks like a second deck is try to be created. Keeping auto build on - And ALL ON LAYER SET - I selectively deleted almost everything (Walls, Sinks, Cabinets etc) and nothing seems to be causing this unique issue. MORE_DECK_PROBLEMS.plan
  2. Thanks Guys ! I have never run into this problem before. I will send it in. .... and tweek the angle for the presentation. Mark
  3. Hello Does anyone know why I am missing (1) deck board ? I think the digital carpenter needs to be fired. Any help would be appreciated ! Thanks DECK_PROBLEM.plan
  4. Why is my soffit magically disappearing when over a cabinet? Soffit_-_Schematic.plan
  5. Thanks Richard ! The invisible walls did help a bit. Great suggestion. FYI I keep the shed roof on the floor above so the walls do not get confused on which to " cut at roof ". That has seemed to work in the past. So looking at it closer - with the invisible walls - I have the walls with no modifiers, then add the roof hole, open and close the roof, select the 3 dormer walls and click to cut at roof, the open and close the roof - at this point things fall apart - the roof hole generates correctly (see Dormer 2 picture), If I open the roof again the hole somehow regenerates (see Dormer 3 picture). At no point does the face wall cut at the roof. I have quite a bit of dormer experience but this house is a real head scratcher !
  6. Good Afternoon All - Having a frustrating time with a seemingly simple dormer. (2) small shed dormers on a simple gable roof. I have the face walls and cheek walls in the right location, have a window sized and header set, primary roof set, hole in roof set - and then when I click the walls walls to " walls cut roof " the windows "pop up" along Z about 80". The cheek walls are rendering neatly inside and out, however the face wall is a complete mess. I guess my main question is what is driving the window moving? Even the Window DBX still has it at 73" to top even though it is no where near that. Goal - Tight renderings in 2nd floor including dormer walls. There will be no "knee wall" at the eave. Picture and plan attached Thanks - X7 Dormer - 1.plan
  7. I got it now - The Lazy way wins....Good enough for decent renderings and a great client presentation ! Thanks for the help !!
  8. If I export the tiled window as a 3ds and then import as a window - CA ignores the perimeter of the window and makes the RO a giant square....
  9. Exactly - I cannot get the Top and Bottom of the normal window to get perpendicular to the "roof Plane"
  10. No - I got a Kolbe - Kolbe window from 3dwarehouse and imported as a "fixture"
  11. Good Morning We have a new house that has a unique design element - A gable window that is rotated to match the roof plane along the long edge of the window. Picture and Plan Included !! We are still using x7 - I have tried a bunch of different ways to accomplish this look and look to the power users for a suggestion ! I did download a window from 3dwarehouse as a symbol - and then rotated it - but of course it does not cut the wall as a normal window would. Thanks - Mark Window_Troubles.plan
  12. Thanks Eric ! Yes the mull tool did the trick. It just seemed like the windows in general were behaving oddly as they were not " auto - mulling" when close to each other. Thanks for your help!
  13. Good Afternoon I have a plan where the casing on the windows in the Living Room (Wall O' Windows) is behaving very oddly. Sometimes it will show up, sometimes not and sometimes it will shoot out into the front yard. Is there a way to settle it down to render correctly.? Thanks Mark x7 Casing.plan
  14. Hello All Chopsaw - I did use your method and it works great. The specific issue with this plan is the turret is just offset from a Hip Roof so instead of one plane being involved there are 4 planes involved. The Hole in Roof tool does not seem to work when you drag the polyline to the roof edge. I attached another more developed plan. Turret - 2.plan
  15. Thanks Javatom ! I will give that a shot. I have done the Polyline Subtraction method in the past with success just wondering why it is not working in this application.