stone walls with rounded interior window jambs


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There was a lot of information on methods to do this in the old thread.  Does anyone remember what worked the best?

I think one was a thinner wall with the window and then PS to fill in on the sides.

I think another was custom casing.  Not sure if the thinner wall was used in both.

Anyone remember or have a link??


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I can get it with one wall and the use of four p-line solids...


Not sure if it's what you want or not...but looks somewhat right.


-Made my window 12" wider than I wanted.

-Removed exterior and interior casing

-Turned on the interior sill

-Turned off frame

-Inset my sash something like 1 1/2"

-Made the sides of my sash 6" wider than normal

-Drew a curved polyline solid for the inside, and just a plain polyline solid box for the outside

-Adjusted them to fit the height

-Copy and paste-hold the solids

-Reflected about the center of my window


I also attached my plan so you can dissect it...


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OK, so I have settled on thinner wall sections and PS fills.  Now I cannot get a window to move.  IF you look at the plan one window is off center and I cannot get it to move even though there is room for it to do so.  I think I am losing it.


Edit - If I copied the existing window and placed it into the thinner wall section no can move.  However if I put in a new one from the library it centers fine.



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Here is a link to a post on the old Forum that takes up this subject. In it, Bill Emery posted a plan with his method for accomplishing what I believe you are looking to do.


And here is a link to a similar discussion on this Forum (with a link back back to the old Forum).


Hope this helps.

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Hi Dennis,

I've taken a little different approach to the problem.  I've used a double wall and have placed a window in the outside wall.  I then placed a pass though window on the inside wall, and centered on the window in the outer wall.  I can maintain an unbroken wall in this way.


I've used a deep sill in the outer window, and have added the rounded portion of the opening using "shutters" in the shape of a quarter round. They are mostly adjusted in the window DBX.  The round is a millwork symbol with a -12" Y offset.


The window pair can be copied around the plan, and resized as necessary. The window pair can also be added to the library.

Dennis Gavin's window.plan



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Thanks Bill, I'll have a look.  I was thinking after I wrapped up the day yesterday that maybe a railing wall section with the cap adjusted would do a similar thing.  But it would require

creating that wall portion for each window section.  I think yours may be the best approach in allowing copy and paste.



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