Shadowboard hallucinations


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Shadowboards, or whatever we wish to call them.  And yeah, it was Wendy that wanted them, and thanks to Wendy and the wizards of Coeur d'Alene, we got them.  As all things in housebuilding and other endeavors, everybody has a different name for something.


Ever look at what the British call their car parts?  Bonnet, what's that?  Just about every single part of an automobile has its own name in Brit English, as compared to USA-talk.  And I'll bet once you get 50 miles outside southern New Hampshire, housebuilders have some different term for what we Chiefers, and Wendy, all call shadowboards.


But I digress.


Here is what I found interesting.  Roof edge in plan view, when using shadowboards, is to the exterior extent of the shadowboard molding.


But fascia height?  Height is to the top outer corner of the fascia, the board behind the shadowboard.


Something to keep in mind, if you are getting into the deep weeds of design. 


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Bonnet = Hood

Boot = Trunk

Screen = Wind Shield


A 1964 Ford Cortina imported from England (steering wheel relocated for us Americans) sits in my back yard....  GD the tax office, they have this piece of junk valued at $8,000 dollars... Killing me...  From what I gather the 'Aussies' really like these cars...  Any takers... :D

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Your drawing image is a little bit different than the one I just did.  Your sheathing doesn't seem to extend far enough down to cover the sub fascia.  What I am wondering is why the roof sheathing doesn't build down over the fascia and shadow board in my image?




I am also wondering why Chief built the wall sheathing and siding up beyond the top plates.  Both of these issues would result in a little bit of error (maybe??) in the materials list if the calc's are made based on what I see here.


In my example, the 18" overhang would go from the outside stud main layer to the outside edge of the shadow board.

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It would really be nice if we could click on the edges of the roof sheathing, sub-fascia, fascia and shadow boards in a section to make adjustment if desired.  In my example I would prefer to have Chief build the roof sheathing down to the outside edge of the shadow board.

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