Best Way To Build A Floor Over Existing Ceiling & Rim Joist--Remodel 2Nd Story Addition?

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Interesting stuff you come across in this old houses here is a few pictures one shows a house with what its called brick nogging the house was built in the 1900's second picture is a structural beam over build-out bay  supporting the second floor  by one metal a rod. In the same house I found a medicine bottle in the floor cavity, I guess someone was sick and was taking the medication. The bottle had a drug store address on it in Manhattan, so I did a little research and I found this Pharmacy archives   dated back to 1800's and there it was an article posted in the paper with that store address and the name of the owner, and there was another article about the new bottle style that just came out on the market in 1898 and the medicine bottle I found was in the same bottle. That sweet Spirit Nitre sounds like some potent stuff LOL maybe it was something like the 714 Quaalude of the 80s LOL

I'll share a little history with you guys.





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I don't know why go through so much trouble... We would just sister up the ceiling joist, subfloor (or take them out completely) and off with the second floor you go... Did dozens of add-a-level and never build another deck on top of ceiling joist... never did it that way or see anyone doing it that way.

This is how it is often done here.

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