missing ceiling plan in 3d


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5 minutes ago, ChiefChrissy said:

Ceiling Planes layer is ON.  The other ceiling plane in the view shows up its only 1 plane I am having trouble with.  I have attached the file.  and added a signature. and deleted the question out of the other forum. Thank you for your help so far! 

Prairie Hill Holdings_Existing Plan.plan 5.87 MB · 0 downloads


You have a flat ceiling plane under the sloped plane, blocking it. Pull the flat plane back so they're not overlapping.



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Here's the way I'd do it;

Insert a "room divider wall"...in the newly created room check "flat ceiling Over this Room" and if needed set the desired ceiling height. This new wall will create the vertical fill between the flat ceiling and pitched ceiling plane. See attached screen clips;




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