Landscaping for rendering tip...and export to twin motion


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Just wanted to share a little tip I have used for a while.

When rendering in TM, I take my home and add terrain perimeter.   I then go to all the extents of the terrain and add a 'elev-region' about 12-24" lower than where home sits (so the terrain tapers off).

This allows me to add my driveway and sidewalks.  I make them 2-3" thick and they stand ABOVE the terrain.


For landscape beds, a nice  hack is to use countertops.  Set to 6-8" thick and apply a nice tapered curb molding to the edges and it makes nice raised beds.


I bring it all into TM and then create a 'flat' landscape.  I sculpt the TM landscaping, and blend it in with my tapered terrain perimieter.

Add grass (which works nicely with the raised drives and sidewalks.

Add bump and textures to landscape beds and plant in TM.


Getting ready to render another project and figured I would share my process.


Pic of elev regions, terrain and sidewalks and beds and clay model.   I have a few more tweeks to do and then bring into TM for rendering.














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Here is the end result.   Have not tweeked my renders yet.  This is first run at them.....No post processing, just strait out of first shot.

The client wants all white also.   Not my color choices.  They have a decorator with some 'out there' ideas.

When I add some lights and do some lower light shots, the design will really pop.  I included one darker one I will light with good effect.
















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On 1/25/2023 at 7:41 PM, VisualDandD said:

Just wanted to share a little tip I have used for a while

I am def impressed with your renders, and have booked marked this for future education.  Shoot I still can't get past the glow around objects on an interior shot, without going to midnight.


Why do you use countertops in lieu of a terrain feature?  


On 1/27/2023 at 8:17 AM, robdyck said:

I'm envious of your clientele! Justin, you seem to get a lot of customers with good taste and healthy budgets! That's gotta make the work life more satisfying.

I am too!  But my next project scheduled to start end of the week will be bigger than the normal 2k sq I'm used to doing..  So I am excited about that.  

Currently working on a 3 bed/2 full bath/kitchen/living/laundry at 1000 sq.  My client is a 19 year old... wants to live within his means.  Impressive!  

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Your approach of using elev regions and tapered terrain sounds really creative and practical for adding driveways and sidewalks. The idea of using countertops for landscape beds is genius! I can already imagine how great they'll look with some nice tapered curb molding. I'm currently working on a project that involves landscaping, and your tips couldn't have come at a better time.

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